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Starfield In Memoriam Sona: Stay Or Leave?

In Memoriam is a quest where Sarah Morgan is a significant character who wants to honor her belated crew mates.

Sona is a young girl whom you will encounter in the In Memoriam quests, and you have to choose whether she should leave or stay.

Sona is the daughter of two of Sarah Morgan’s crewmates, who were killed when their ship crashed during the Colony War. You must decide whether to convince Sona to leave the planet with you and Sarah or to let her stay in her home.

Continue reading to learn more about Sona In Memoriam and whether she should leave or stay in Starfield.

What Is Memoriam In Starfield?

In Memoriam is a companion quest in Starfield where you help Sarah Morgan, one of the main companions in the game.

In this quest, Sarah takes you to the planet where she was stranded after her ship crashed during the Colony War.

She wants to find the remains of a lost spaceship and honor the sacrifice of her crewmates.

In this quest, you will need to:

  • Travel to a remote location
  • Interact with other characters
  • Gather genetags from the graves of the crewmates
  • Fight off dangerous wildlife

This is an important mission that will help you learn more about Sarah’s past and her motivations.

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Who Is Sona In Starfield?

Sona is a young girl you meet during the mission In Memoriam in Starfield.

She is the daughter of a crew member from the Dauntless spaceship who lives on a distant planet called Cassiopeia I.

Likewise, she is a skilled survivor who has independently learned to live in the harsh landscape since her parents passed away.

Moreover, Sona is initially hostile towards Sarah and the players, who eventually warms up to them and agrees to leave the planet with them.

sona in memoriam in starfield
Sona in Memoriam in Starfield.

Should Sona Stay Or Leave In Memoriam In Starfield?

You have two choices for Sona; either convince her to leave the planet with you or let her stay.

Here are some reasons mentioned whether she should leave or stay on the planet.

Reasons For Sona To Stay

Some possible reasons for Sona to stay in Casseopia I are:

  • Sona is a skilled survivor who can survive alone in Cassiopeia I.
  • She has spent her entire life on the planet so she may feel more comfortable staying there.
  • She uniquely understands the planet’s ecosystem and might feel responsible for protecting it and its resources.
  • The planet holds memories of her parents, so leaving might feel like abandoning their legacy.

Reasons For Sona To Leave

Some possible reasons for Sona to leave in Casseopia I are:

  • Cassiopeia I is a dangerous planet with hostile wildlife so leaving with you could offer Sona a safer and more secure environment.
  • Leaving can offer her a better education and healthcare opportunity and a chance to learn and develop new skills.
  • Staying on a hostile planet cannot guarantee a good future for her so she could start a new life for a better future.
  • Since Sona and Sarah both have experienced loss, their being together can offer each other emotional support and companionship.

The Bottom Line

Sona is a well-written and complex character who has been through a lot but is also kind and compassionate.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether Sona should leave or stay since both options have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Players may encounter a bug during a conversation with Sona, you must finish the Funeral Quest to fix this bug.

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