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Palworld High Quality Pal Oil: The Secret Ingredient For Crafting

If you want to craft advanced weapons and polymers in Palworld, you will need High-quality Pal Oil.

You can obtain this rare material by hunting certain Pals in the wild.

High-quality pal Oil is a rare material that can only be obtained by harvesting it from the corpses of certain Pals. Harvesting Pals is not easy; you must follow the tips and tricks.

Continue reading to learn where to find High-quality pal Oil and how to farm them efficiently.

Obtain High-Quality Pal Oil In Palworld

High-quality pal Oil is a rare material you can obtain by harvesting it from the corpses of certain Pals.

These Pals are usually Water-type or have some connection to Oil or petroleum.

However, you cannot buy this item from any shop or vendor or craft it from other materials.

The only way to get it is to kill and loot the Pals that drop it.

On the contrary, hunting down Digtoises and Marmosets is the best way to farm this item.

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How To Hunt Digtoises And Mammorests?

Hunting Pals is not easy, as different Pals have different strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some tips on how to hunt Digtoises, Mammorests, and other Pals:

1. Hunting Work Suitability

You need a Pal with Hunting work suitability, which allows them to track and attack wild Pals.

Thus, check your Pal’s work suitability by opening the Paldeck menu and selecting the Pal you want to use.

2. Weapon Or A Trap

You need a weapon or a trap to damage and immobilize your targets.

However, you can use weapons and traps using materials you find worldwide or buy them from shops or vendors.

You can equip weapons and traps by opening the inventory menu and dragging them to the appropriate slots.

collect weapons palworld
You need to have a weapon or a trap to deal damage.

3. Find The Pals

To find the Pals you want to hunt, you must explore the world’s different biomes.

You can generally find the Digtoises in the desert biome and Mammorests in bamboo groves.

Thus, you can use the map to see the locations of the biomes or follow the signs on the roads.

4. Approach The Pal

Once you find a Pal you want to hunt, you must approach it carefully.

Generally, you can use the stealth mode to sneak up on them or use the binoculars to observe them from a distance.

5. Start The Hunt

Initiate combat with the Pal by shooting it with your weapon, throwing a trap, or commanding it to attack it.

Thus, switch between weapons and traps using the mouse wheel and use them by clicking the left or right mouse button.

Additionally, you can use the number keys to select different commands for your Pal.

hunt pals
Initiate combat with the Pal by shooting it with your weapon.

6. Catch The Pal

To catch the Pal, you must reduce its health bar to zero.

Generally, you can see the health bar of the Pal you target on the top of the screen.

Further, you can see the element type of the Pal, which indicates its strengths and weaknesses.

7. Harvest The Pal

Once you catch the Pal, harvest it using a knife or a Pal with the Harvesting work suitability.

Thus, you can do this by approaching the Pal’s corpse and pressing the E key.

harvest high quality pal oil
Harvest oil using a knife or a Pal with the Harvesting work suitability.

The Bottom Line

High-quality pal Oil is a rare and valuable material for crafting advanced weapons and polymers. 

However, getting is difficult, as you must kill and loot certain Pals that drop it, such as Digtoises and Mammorests.

Contrarily, you must explore the world, find these Pals, and use your weapons, traps, and Pals to catch them.

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