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Should You Repeat Main Quest Or Skip In Starfield?

You can repeat the main quest or skip it in Starfield after starting a New Game+.

However, if you do repeat the main quest, you will get a new perspective on the alternate world of Starfield.

But if you skip the main quest, there is no harm.

Players often ask Starfield to repeat the main quest or skip when starting New Game+. However, the result of repeating the main quest is marginal to skipping it. Furthermore, the benefits they obtain by completing the main quest can be obtained after skipping it.

This article discusses whether you should repeat or skip the main quest in Starfield.

How To Repeat Main Quest In Starfield?

Players can repeat the main quest in Starfield by starting a New Game+.

The restart allows players to tackle stronger enemies and find different equipment.

Furthermore, in some instances, players may notice that certain NPCs provide players with new dialogues.

Thus, starting a New Game+ is basically allowing players to experience the game once more with various changes to the NPCs and events.

To repeat the main quest, you must first complete the first playthrough. After seeing the ending of Starfield, you can start the New Game+.

Here, you will get into the lodge and see familiar faces who will look at you and become surprised because you are alive.

After interacting with some of the characters, you must interact with Sarah.

repeat main quest or skip through sarah starfield
Talk to Sarah to either skip or repeat the main quest

She will give you the option to either “Repeat the main quest” or “Skip the main quest.”

If you choose to skip the main quest, you will explain all the events that have occurred to the characters and then play the game from a completely different perspective.

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Should You Repeat Main Quest Or Skip In Starfield?

Whether to repeat the main quest or skip in Starfield depends on your decisions.

However, if you choose to skip the main quest, you will have a few hindrances in the New Game+ version.

The first hindrance is that you won’t have great relationships with certain NPCs.

The second disadvantage is that you must do mini side quests to flourish the relationship with various NPCs.

Furthermore, after you start the New Game+ version, you must go around and find artifacts. However, the artifacts are not in the same place as before.

But Vladimir will point out the areas containing the artifacts.

You can simply visit the areas at your leisure and collect artifacts.

find artifacts from vladmir after quest repeat
Talk with Vladmir to find the artifacts after repeating the main quest

Additionally, you will notice that certain parts of the story do not occur in New Game+.

Thus, you may find the New Game+ version of the game a bit confusing.

Furthermore, players can unlock new powers during the New Game+ playthrough.

Thus, players can add more abilities to their arsenal during the playthrough.

During the New game+ quest, players will also obtain new gear: The Starborn Spacesuit Astra and The Starborn Guardian Ship.

However, they can obtain these items even if they skip the main story.

Thus, as a player, if you want to experience all the changes to the world in New Game+, you must repeat the main story quest.

However, you can skip the main story quest if you do not care about the changes and want to role-play your character.

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The Bottom Line

Repeating the main story can be a hassle during the New Game+ playthrough.

However, repeating the main story can benefit certain cases by allowing players to obtain new powers and companions.

Furthermore, in Starfield, New Game+ is a new timeline. Thus, trying to experience it can give players a new perspective on the world.

However, if players do not want to continue with the main story quest, they can simply skip it and progress to play as they prefer.

Hopefully, this article can provide information on whether you should repeat the main story in New Game+ of Starfield.

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