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Whiskey Neat In Starfield: Meaning and Outcomes

Hearing a term like whiskey neat can be quite fascinating for Star and Planets games like Starfield.

But it does exist in one of the missions when players progress through.

Whiskey Neat refers to the third question in the Job interview event of the assistant executive. It appears in the Red Tape Blue mission, where players can provide any answer as it will not impact the future consequences.

Continue reading to learn about the hidden meaning and usage of the whiskey neat in Starfield.

What Is Whiskey Neat In Starfield?

Whiskey neat is related to one of the questions in Starfield.

An interview question is asked about whiskey in one of the Red Tape Blue’s missions in the Sol, Mars.

Whiskey neat is the third out of the seven questions in the interview. 

Players must answer all the questions to get the mining operations executive assistant job.

How To Reach The Interview Location?

If players are willing to give the interview application, they must complete a series of events in the Red Tape Blues mission.

Then, players must enter the mining colony of Cydonia’s main airlock on Mars.

Players must access the central hub where they can interact with Sarah.

Further, players follow the path straight to meet Trevor Petyarre, the mining director at the Underground. 

Trevor in Starfield
Interact with Trevor Petyarre at the Mining Colony.

After players approach the director and ask for the mining work, he will avoid it.

Rather, offer players a job off the books, which is not illegal either.

Players must not be skeptical and answer all the questions positively to progress.

Later, Trevor will assign a task to gather ten Irons.

The player must equip a cutter in the inventory and scan to see the Iron ore deposits.

Iron sutter
Gather Irons using the cutter.

After completing the task, Trevor will offer a job interview for the players if they agree to take the job.

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Whiskey Neat Event

After the players deposit the ten units of iron, the next step is to apply for the assistant director job to pursue the whiskey neat event.

Follow the procedures to answer the Whiskey Neat Question.

1. Reach The Deimos Staryard

Then, players need to travel to the Deimos Staryard.

Players should target the location and Dock in the location to reach there.

A cut scene will appear; make sure to board the roof and search for the Deimos sales computer.

whiskey neat starfield
Use the sales computer for job interviews.

2. Option Selection

The computer will provide players with three different options, players should select the third option, 

deimos sales terminal
Select job posting: executive assistant.

Players can also read the job responsibilities and duties of the post.

3. Answering The Questions 

The computer will ask players a list of questions, ensuring they answer relevantly, even though it doesn’t affect the future outcomes.

If players answer the initial two questions about their experience and education level to reach the question of whiskey.

4. Whiskey Neat Question

From the third question, players are asked to answer the questions honestly.

The question is about the meaning of whiskey neat, and players have four options.

The correct answer is the third option; nonetheless, the answer does not matter for getting the job.

whiskey neat starfield
Choose the third option in the whiskey neat question.

Completing The Red Tape Blues Mission 

After responding to the whiskey neat interview, players should answer four more questions to progress through. 

Further, players should send the application and return to the main menu.

Then, players should again approach Trvor in Cydonia.

Trevor will provide players another task to access the HR terminal and delete other applications.

This will make players the only applicant for the job, ensuring them the job of the assistant executive.

After players reach the HR office, they should access the computer using drowssas as the password.

After deleting other applications, again approach Trevor to complete the Red Tape Blues mission.

Red tape blues
Choose to delete all other candidate applications option.

The Bottom Line

Whiskey neat is one of the questions of the job interview.

Players should approach Trevor and reach Demios’ sales computer location to reach the interview process.

Players can answer all the questions randomly, as the job will be secured in another event after deleting other job applications.

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