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How To Rank Up On Ship Command Level In Starfield?

Ships are the primary mode of transportation in Starfield. To upgrade the ships, you will need different items and skills.

The Ship Command skills are one of those skills that can help with the further betterment of your ships.

The Ship Command Level can be upgraded up to four ranks in Starfield. With each increasing level, you can increase the crew size for your ship.

This article dives deeper into the details of the Ship Command skill and its levels.

What Is The Ship Command Skill?

In Starfield, it is said that a ship is only as good as its crew.

The Ship Command Skill is a Social Skill that increases as you interact with or destroy other ships.

Ship Command Skill Level
Ship Command Skill is a social skill of Starfield

It is a master-level skill that you can acquire after completing certain activities.

Upgrading your Ship Command Skill will help increase your ship’s crew size.

Taking skillful crew members on your adventure is always necessary in Starfield.

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How To Level Up The Ship Command Skill?

The Ship Command skill has a rank of up to 4, which you can upgrade to.

The ranks 1, 2,3 and 4 of the Ship Command skill increase the size of crew members from 4, 5, 6, and 8, respectively.

Ship Command Level Starfield
The Ship Command Levels and how it affects the crew size of your ship

To get to rank 1 of the Ship Command skill, you will need 12 skill points in the social tree.

In addition, to get to rank 2, you should destroy or board five ships with a crew of two or more.

To get to rank 3, you should destroy or board 25 ships with a crew of four or more.

Finally, to get to rank 4, you should destroy or board 50 ships with a crew of six or more.

Does The Ship Command Skill Have A Bug?

The Ship Command Skill has encountered a bug, according to multiple players on Reddit.

As we mentioned before, the Command Skill Level increases the crew size.

But due to the bug, even the crew members unlocked do not show up on the ship.

However, the player has also found a fix to the bug.

Ship Command Level Bug
Reddit user explaining about the bug with Ship Command Level

If you ever encounter the bug, swap your ship back to your original ship.

Then, unassign the crew and then again reassign the crew.

This will fix the bug, and the crew members, which can be 4,5,6 or 8 according to your Ship Command Level, will show up.

However, this simple fix did not work for every player, so we can assume that is might just be bugged.

The team of Starfield might provide a patch to this bug as soon as possible.

If you’re still facing the issue, you can always express your difficulties on Reddit, Steam, Twitter, etc.

Other Social Skills In Starfield

Social skills in Starfield are the level of interaction that you can do with non-playable characters.

There are different types of skills you or your player character can learn in Starfield.

Some of these skills are physical, technological, combat, science and many more.

Increasing these social skills can help you gain valuable information.

This can, in turn, help you with trade, loot and many other things.

There are many social skills present in Starfield.

Some of them are:

  1. Commerce: This skill helps to buy and sell items at a higher profit.
  2. Scavenging: This skill helps you find valuable items through your search.
  3. Diplomacy: This skill helps to resolve conflicts better and more peacefully.
  4. Negotiation: This skill affects your ability to bargain and haggle with others.
  5. Manipulation: Manipulation helps with your ability to control and manipulate others.
  6. Instigation: This skill affects your ability to start conflicts and chaos.
  7. Intimidation: Intimidation helps with your ability to frighten others.
  8. Theft: Theft is a social skill that helps the ability to steal items without getting caught.
  9. Deception: This skill helps with your ability to lie and deceive others.
  10. Persuasion: This skill affects convincing others to do what you want.

Achieving at least 12 skill points from the above social skills tree will help you gain a Ship Command Level of 1.

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The Bottom Line

Ship Command Skill is a social skill that helps to increase the skill of interaction with your crew members.

It also helps to increase the size of your crew on your ship. The Ship Command level has four ranks: Rank 1, 2, 3 and 4.

To level up, you need to complete a certain set of activities.

So, what are you waiting for, level up your Ship Command and increase your crew size to dominate the galaxy.

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