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Where To Sell Antique Earth Items In Starfield?

In Starfield, players have a unique opportunity to explore Earth and extract scattered relics of the past known as Antique Earth Items.

But the real adventure lies in knowing where and how to sell these antiques to earn significant in-game credits.

Antique Earth Items are items that are a valuable source of income from the old Earth in Starfield. To sell them, find a vendor in locations including Galatics Antiques Exchange and Earth Relics Bazaar.

So, let’s delve into the world of Antique Earth Items in Starfield and discover how to sell and make the most of these treasures.

What Is Antique Earth Items In Starfield?

In Starfield, Antique Earth Items refer to objects and possessions from the old Earth which has become uninhabitable in the game’s future setting.

These items are considered antiques due to their historical value, and players can find them scattered throughout the game world.

Moreover, Antique Earth Items are lightweight, valuable, and relatively easy to locate.

These are valuable artifacts from Earth’s bygone era, such as old globes, compasses, trays, and various other historical curiosities.

Players can collect and sell these items to in-game vendors for credits, making them a valuable source of income in the game.

antique earth items
List of Antique Earth Items in the inventory.

In addition, NPCs within settlements can provide helpful tips on where to find vendors interested in purchasing these valuable relics.

Consider visiting Trade Authorities in major settlements for contraband or particularly valuable Antique Earth Items.

Players might get top credits for their valuable goods while trading with the vendors.

How To Sell Antique Earth Items Starfield?

Selling Antique Earth Items in Starfield can be done through the following steps;

1. Collect Antique Earth Items

First, you must explore the game world and collect Antique Earth Items.

These can include items like old globes, compasses, trays, or any other antiques you encounter during your adventures.

2. Locate A Vendor

Find a vendor in the game world where you can sell your Antique Earth Items.

Vendors can be found in various settlements and cities throughout Starfield.

Look for signs or ask NPCs for directions to the nearest vendor.

3. Interact With The Vendor

Approach the vendor and initiate a conversation or interaction.

In the vendor’s dialogue menu, select the option to see their wares or initiate a trade.

4. Switch To The Sell Menu

The vendor’s trade menu should have an option to switch to the sell menu.

Access this menu using the specified button or key, usually Q on the keyboard or LB on Xbox.

vendor sell menu
Switching to the sell menu.

5. Sell Antique Earth Items

You will see your inventory of Antique Earth Items in the sell menu.

Select the items you want to sell and confirm the sale.

The vendor will offer you credits in exchange for the antiques, and your items will be removed from your inventory.

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Locations Where You Can Sell Antique Earth Items In Starfield

Here are some locations mentioned where to sell Antique Earth Items in Starfield;

1. Terra Treasures Emporium

One of the prime places to sell Antique Earth Items is the Terra Treasures Emporium.

Moreover, this specialized shop trades historical relics in the bustling New Terra Settlement.

You’ll find knowledgeable collectors here willing to pay top credits for your materials.

2. Earth Relics Bazaar

Head over to the Earth Relics Bazaar in Star City for a diverse market experience.

In addition, this vibrant hub caters to both buyers and sellers of historical artifacts, including Antique Earth Items.

It’s an ideal spot to showcase your collection and negotiate lucrative deals.

3. Galactic Antiquities Exchange

Consider the Galactic Antiquities Exchange on the Cosmic Outpost space station if you want a wider audience.

This bustling exchange is known throughout the galaxy for dealing in rare and ancient items.

Here, passionate buyers will pay a premium for Antique Earth Items.

4. Novus Nostalgia Collectibles

Within the Trade Authority of Novus, you’ll discover Novus Nostalgia Collectibles.

Moreover, this store specializes in curating and selling antique relics.

Their expert appraisers can provide fair prices for your Antique Earth Items, making it a reliable place to earn credits.

If you find yourself in Nova Prime, make a stop at the Astro Artifacts Gallery.

This esteemed gallery is dedicated to preserving and selling historical artifacts, and they are keenly interested in Antique Earth Items.

Lastly, you can expect a discerning clientele and competitive prices for your collection.

How To Get More Credits After Selling Antique Earth Items?

To increase your credits after selling Antique Earth Items in Starfield, follow these five steps:

1. Choose Diplomat Background

During character creation, select the Diplomat Background.

This choice unlocks the Commerce skill and gives you a head start in negotiating better prices when trading with vendors.

2. Invest In The Commerce Skill

This skill allows you to buy items at lower prices and sell them at higher prices.

As you level up your Commerce skills, you’ll gain more significant discounts while purchasing and earn more credits when selling items.

3. Rank Up The Commerce Skill

As you progress through the game, focus on ranking up the Commerce skill.

Furthermore, each rank offers increased benefits, such as higher buying discounts and better selling prices.

Aim to reach higher ranks to maximize your profit margins.

Here’s how much more you can earn and for how much less you can purchase:

RanksBuy ForSell For
Rank 15% less 10% more
Rank 210% less15% more
Rank 315% less20% more
Rank 420% less25% more

4. Sell To Specialized Vendors

Some vendors specialize in buying specific types of items.

Pay attention to the type of Antique Earth Items you have and seek out vendors who are interested in those particular items.

Lastly, specialized vendors may offer better prices for items within their expertise.

5. Maximize Discounts And Sales Prices

As your Commerce skill advances, use the increasing discounts and sales prices it provides.

Next, buy items at lower costs and sell them at higher rates to maximize your credit earnings.

The Bottom Line

Antique Earth Items are valuable collectibles from the old, uninhabitable Earth scattered throughout Starfield’s settlements and cities.

To profit from these items, seek out vendors and shops in the game’s various settlements.

Different vendors specialize in buying various types of items, so choose wisely to get the best price for your Antique Earth Items.

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