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Find And Explore Underworld Map In Totk

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game that offers a lot of exploration and adventure in the land of Hyrule.

But did you know a whole underworld map is waiting for you to discover?

The Totk underworld map is a map of the underground region called The Depths. This world is a dark and mysterious area that lies beneath the surface of Hyrule. You can discover chasms, lightroots, enemies, secrets and a vast network of caverns, caves and tunnels.

Read on if you are ready to journey to the underworld in Totk!

What Is The Underworld Map (The Depths) In Totk?

The Totk underworld map is a map of the underground region called The Depths in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

It shows the locations of various features, such as chasms, lightroots, enemies, secrets, and more.

underground map
The Totk underworld map is a map of the underground region called The Depths.

Furthermore, a vast network of caverns, caves and tunnels contains some of the game’s toughest challenges and best rewards.

Here are some of the features of the Depths.

1. The Chasms

Chasms are the entrance of the underworld map and can be found in various places on the surface.

Furthermore, they are large holes on the surface that spot strange black marks on the landscape, which red Gloom surrounds.

In addition, you can find all the Chasms from the interactive map of the Totk.

2. The Lightroots

You can find the Lightroots in The Depths, the primary light source that can activate by hitting it with a weapon or arrow.

It can also heal your Gloom damage and serve as fast travel points.

3. The Gloom

You can see the red liquid that fills The Depths and damages your maximum health over time are the Glooms.

However, you can wear gloom-resistant armor and avoid it by staying near Lightroots.

4. The Enemies

The Depths are home to some of the most dangerous enemies in the game, such as Frox, Flux Constructs, Gleeoks, Yiga, Zonai and more.

These enemies mostly guard the valuable treasures and secrets in the underground world.

How To Find And Explore The Underworld Map?

The only way to find and enter the underworld map (The Depths) is through the Chasms.

The Chasms are all over the surface of the Hyrule and appear as black spots oozing murky red smoke.

totk underworld map
You can discover Chasms in different parts of the Hyrule kingdom.

Furthermore, once you find one of the Chasms, jump into the hole and use the Paraglider to land carefully.

The underworld visibility will be extremely low, and you cannot explore the map without the light source.

Moreover, to explore, seek large root clusters with an orange glow, Lightroots.

totk underworld map
The Lightroot will light up some part of the underworld map.

These Lightroots will also brighten up some parts of the map, making traveling and exploring easier.

The Underworld Map: Secrets And Rewards

When you explore the underworld map in Totk, you will find many secrets and rewards hidden inside.

Those rewards and secrets are valuable items; some of them are:

  • The Depths Armor: a set of armor that gives you gloom resistance.
  • The Zonai Reliefs: a stone that reveals the history and secrets of the ancient Zonai civilization.
  • The Dragon Tears: a valuable gem that can be obtained from the four dragons that roam The Depths.
  • The Yiga Schematics: Blueprints for advanced Yiga technology that can be used to craft new devices.
  • The Gem of Acquiescence: A toy that allows you to teleport to a secret underwater cave in Tiragarde Sound.

The Bottom Line

The Depths are a fascinating and challenging area to explore in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Whether looking for new armor, weapons, gems, secrets or lore, you will find something to satisfy your curiosity in The Depths.

Hopefully, this article helped you to understand how to find and enter the underworld map and some secrets and rewards you can find.

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