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Farmer Emily Fray In Enshrouded: Unlock Recipe For Gears

Enshrouded lets you explore a vast and mysterious world, fight epic bosses, and craft your own weapons and armor.

But it also lets you create your own home and grow your own crops.

You must find the Farmer, a survivor who can teach you how to farm.

Continue reading to learn where to find the Farmer and how to free her from her cage.

The Enshrouded Farmer 

The Farmer is one of the craftspeople you can recruit in Enshrouded.

She has the following abilities and benefits:

1. Craft Terrain Materials

She can craft Farm Soil and Fertilized Farm Soil, which are terrain materials you can use to create crop fields.

Farm Soil requires Dirt and Bonemeal, while Fertilized Farm Soil requires Sand, Fossilized Bone Dust, and Nitrate.

the farmer
The farmer can craft Farm Soil and Fertilized Farm Soil.

2. Craft A Seedbed

She can craft a Seedbed, a production place that you can use to create seedlings from plants you’ve collected in the wild.

Each seedling recipe requires different materials, such as Water, Sand, Nitrate, etc. 

3. Grow Various Crops

She can grow crops such as Flax, Wheat, Corn, Bell Pepper, Berry Bush, and more.

Each crop has different growth times and yields, some of which can be used for cooking or crafting.

You can plant the seedlings in the Farm Soil or Fertilized Farm Soil, and harvest them when ready. 

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How To Unlock The Farmer?

The Growing Stronger Together quest is a primary quest in Enshrouded that unlocks the Farmer as the final survivor for your base.

The Carpenter will give you this quest after you complete his previous quest, Carpentry Assistance

Follow the steps below to complete the quest:

1. Travel To The Ancient Vault

 Ancient Vault is a Farmer location, which is marked on your map.

You can fast-travel to the Ancient Spire in the Springlands and then glide north to reach the vault.

Alternatively, a Flame Altar can create a temporary fast travel point near the vault.

ancient vault
Travel to Ancient Vault

2. Enter The Vault

Enter the vault and find the three locks keeping the Farmer in a cage.

The locks are hidden in different parts of the vault, and you will need to use your Grapple Hook, Glider, and other tools to access them.

You can also find many secret doors and treasure chests in the vault, so keep an eye out for them.

3. The Tower Guardian

Once you unlock all three locks, the cage will open and the Farmer will be free.

However, you will also trigger the Tower Guardian, a formidable foe that can shoot lasers and summon minions.

Generally, you will need to defeat the Tower Guardian to escape the vault.

The Tower Guardian is weak to fire and explosive damage, so use your Flame Arrows, Bombs, and other weapons to deal with it.

You can also use the pillars and walls in the vault to avoid its laser attacks.

tower guardian
The Tower Guardian is weak to fire and explosive damage.

4. Escort The Farmer

After you defeat the Tower Guardian, talk to the Farmer and escort her out of the vault.

She will thank you and ask you to summon her at your base with the Summoning Staff.

Further, you can loot the Spark that the Tower Guardian drops, increasing your maximum health.

5. Return To Your Base

Return to your base and use the Summoning Staff to summon the Farmer.

However, she will join your base and unlock your farming feature.

You can now craft Farm Soil, Fertilized Farm Soil, and Seedbeds to grow crops.

Additionally, you can talk to the Farmer to learn more about her backstory and farming tips.

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