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How To Get Popcorn In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, Popcorn is a consumable item that turns extremely delightful and sweet when cooked.

This item regenerates the player’s stamina when consumed in Enshrouded.

However, players can get Popcorn in Enshrouded by finding the farmer in the Alchemist’s Ancient Vault.

Continue reading to learn about Popcorn and how to obtain it in Enshrouded.

What Is Popcorn In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players can find and consume several special items that help in progressing and surviving in the game.

Popcorn is one of the consumable items that players can prepare using the fireplace in Enshrouded.

However, consuming Popcorn in Enshrouded offers various advantages.

alternative stamina-boosting foods in Enshrouded
Some of the alternative stamina-boosting foods in Enshrouded.

When cooked, Popcorn becomes very delicious and causes a delightful sensation in the mouth.

Upon consumption, popcorn provides a robust energy regeneration, infusing a sense of satisfaction that makes it a delightful snack choice.

However, Popcorn stands out as an excellent means to quickly recover lost stamina.

Further, players need this consumable item when a substantial stamina boost is needed as it provides + 7 Stamina Recharge.

In terrible situations where a swift escape becomes important, choosing popcorn for consumption makes it an excellent choice.

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Find Emily To Obtain Popcorn In Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, players must recruit the Farmer, one of the craftspeople if they want popcorn to eat.

However, players must find the farmer, Emily, who will give them popcorn to raise their stamina and boost their stats.

Moreover, she also grants players access to farming capabilities so that players can start cultivating crops.

Travel to Ancient Vault to find Emily
Travel to the Ancient Vault to find the Emily Fray.

Here is the guide that players can follow to find Emily Fray in Enshrouded.

  1. In Enshrouded, to get the Popcorn, move to the Alchemist‘s Ancient Vault which is marked on the map.
  2. Players can fast-travel to the Ancient Spire in the Springlands and then glide north to reach the vault.
  3. Upon entering the vault, players must find the three locks hidden in the cage using a Grapple Hook and other tools to access them.
  4. Unlocking the three locks will open the cage and will free the farmer.
  5. However, players must watch the formidable enemies as they may encounter the Tower Guardian while escaping the vault.
  6. After defeating the Tower Guardian, converse with Farmer and take her out of the vault.
  7. Return to the base and summon Emily with her Summoning Staff.
  8. Use the summoning staff to summon the Farmer to add her to your base.

Moreover, players must use certain items to prepare the Popcorn in Enshrouded.

  • Corncob: Gather this item when navigating and visiting farms in the Springlands.
  • Honey: Either harvest or destroy Bee Hives to get it.

However, saving the Farmer and providing her shelter is insufficient to get the Popcorn.

Players must complete the “Fireplace for the Farmer” quest that will come later to craft the Fireplace.

Hence, players will get this quest when they get the forge for the Blacksmith.

Other Stamina-Boosting Foods In Enshrouded

In the mysterious realm of Enshrouded, where challenges and adventures abound, maintaining peak stamina is essential for survival.

Aside from Popcorn, there are plenty of meals that can contribute to enhancing stamina.

Some of these foods which boost the stamina are mentioned below.

1. Chamomile Tea

Upon drinking Chamomile tea, players will gain +5 health regeneration and +2 endurance for 35 minutes.

However, to prepare Chamomile tea, players need a Farmer and a Fireplace.

2. Meat Wrap

Players can consume meat wrap to increase strength as the meal offers +5 Constitution and +1 Intelligence for 45 minutes.

Moreover, to craft this item, players must combine raw sand digger meat, red mushrooms, water, and flour at any cooking station.

3. Water

In Enshourded, water offers +1 Endurance and +2 Stamina Recharge for 10 minutes.

Players can find water in wells, either those found worldwide or by creating your well.

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