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How To Complete Take A Photo Of A Demigods Domicile?

Players have to complete many duties in the limited time event Royal Winter Star Path in Dreamlight Valley.

Among multiple duties ‘Take a photo of a Demigod’s Domicile’ is one of them.

To complete the ‘Take a photo of a Demigod’s Domicile’ task in Dreamlight Valley, players have to take a picture with Maui’s peaceful Grotto home using the camera. It rewards players with 10 Royal Winter Tokens.

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What Is Take A Photo Of A Demigods Domicile?

Take a Photo of a Demigod’s Domicile is a seasonal duty in Royal Winter Star Path.

Players can earn Royal Winter tokens after completing various interesting tasks and duties including this one.

Further, the tokens can be used to unlock items from the Star Path menu.

For this duty, players should take a photo with the house that belongs to a demigod character in the game.

This means that completing the duty requires taking a snap with Maui’s Peaceful Grotto home in it.

take a photo of a demigod's domicile
Players can find this duty in the Event section under the Royal Winter Star Path duties.

Additionally, players have to use the camera to take a snap of Maui’s House.

Completing the duty only requires taking only one photo of the Demigod’s Domicile.

Further, it rewards players with 10 Royal Winter tokens after successfully completing the duty.

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Steps To Complete The Duty Take A Photo Of A Demigods Domicile

To complete the duty Take A Photo Of A Demigods Domicile in the Royal Winter Star Path event, players need to do the following steps:

1. Go To Eternity Isle

The event is available in the Eternity Isle so players have to go to the Eternity Isle region.

Then, find the Dreamlight Valley sign near the portal and tap on it to enter the Dreamlight Valley mode.

2. Find Peaceful Grotto House

The Peaceful Grotto is a character house on the tropical island of Dreamlight Valley that belongs to Maui.

Further, the house is unlocked during the Moana Realm quest ‘A Feast Worthy of a Demigod.’

During this quest, players can create the demigod’s domicile using the furniture and motifs.

Additionally, these items can be purchased from the Star Path rewards or the Premium Shop.

Players can also use the Touch of Magic feature to customize the furniture with different textures and colors.

3. Take The Snap

Once you are happy with your demigod’s domicile, tap on the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.

You can adjust your photo’s angle, zoom, and filter using the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

Taking the photo Infront of Demigod's Domicile
Taking the photo in front of Demigod’s Domicile to complete the task.

Further, tap on the shutter button to take a photo with Maui Demigod’s Domicile.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can complete the task ‘Take a Photo of a Demigods Domicile’ by taking a snap of Maui’s house.

It rewards players with 10 Royal Winter Tokens in addition to the progress in completing the Royal Winter Star Path event.

Further, players can also complete other interesting duties along with this during the event.

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