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Discover Tree In Escape From Tarkov Arena

In Escape from Tarkov, the Tarkov Arena Tree is a progression system that unlocks strong weapons and gear.

It allows players to experiment with different weapons and equipment, as well as to earn rewards and achievements. 

In Escape from Tarkov, the Tarkov Arena Tree is a progression system that affects matchmaking matching time, combat exp, competition, and objectives. 

This article discusses the Tarkov tree and how it affects matchmaking.

Introduction To Tarkov Arena Tree

Tarkov Arena Tree is a term that refers to the progression system of the Tarkov Arena game mode.

It consists of different branches of gear preset classes that players can unlock and use in the Arena matches.

Each branch has a specific theme and playstyle, such as sniper, shotgun, assault, etc.

To unlock a new preset class, players need to complete certain tasks or challenges with the previous class in the same branch.

tree tarkov
Progression Tree in Escape from Tarkov.

Further, it takes dozens of hours to go halfway down a single branch of a tree in the preset trees.

Gear advancement in Arena may be difficult, with players having to work for hours on end simply to reach tier 3 kits.

By the time players start unlocking a couple of decent kits, their ARP is so high that every match becomes a challenge.

The Tarkov Arena Tree affects gameplay by making it more difficult for players to advance and earn more powerful weapons and gear.

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How Does Tarkov Arena Tree Affect Matchmaking?

The Tarkov Arena Tree has various impacts on matchmaking.

Here are all the effects Tarkov Arena Tree makes in the game.

1. Advantage In Competition

Early in the game, unlocking stronger presets offers players a competitive edge based on their Arena Rating (ARP).

By the time players obtain a few great kits, their ARP is so high that every battle becomes a struggle, making it impossible to find fair matchups.

2. Extended Matchmaking Time

Due to the necessity to discover people with comparable ARP levels, the Tarkov Arena Tree might create lengthy matchmaking waits.

Therefore, the developers have acknowledged the problem and are trying to resolve it.

3. System Of Linear Progression

Escape from Tarkov Arena has a linear advancement mechanism similar to that seen in games such as World of Tanks.

Thus, this implies that players proceed through the preset trees in a specific sequence.

community discussion of reddit tarkov tree
Community discussion about the Tarkov tree on Reddit.

Therefore, it might influence matchmaking when players gain new weapons and gear.

4. Combat EXP

The game provides “combat EXP,” which is influenced by the amount of kills and assists a player obtains.

If a player obtains enough kills, this might result in enormous EXP gains, speeding up their leveling process and perhaps impacting matching.

5. Objective-focused Gameplay

The Tarkov Arena Tree encourages players to focus on playing the objective and winning.

Thus, the EXP received from a victory much surpasses any other suggestions or methods.

Additionally, this may lead to players taking a more objective attitude in matches, which may influence matching.

The Bottom Line

The Tarkov Arena Tree influences matching by fostering a competitive atmosphere.

Therefore, players have to move through predefined trees and get access to new weapons and gear.

This can result in difficulties finding fair matchups, longer matchmaking periods, and even changes in gaming methods.

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