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Tarkov Arena Tournament: The Ultimate Challenge

The Tarkov Arena recently played host to a colossal esports tournament at Dreamhack Hannover.

The competition unfolded in three stages: the group stages, the playoff, and the ultimate showdown in the 5v5 team-fight mode.

In an esports showdown at Dreamhack Hannover, Tarkov Arena recently hosted a massive tournament with a 100,000 Euro prize pool and six elite teams, including GamerLegion and Virtus.

Continue reading to learn more about the Tournament, its format, and twitch drop in Tarkov Arena.

Tournament In Tarkov Arena

Tarkov Arena recently held this massive esports tournament at Dreamhack Hannover with a 100,000 Euro prize pool.

Six elite teams battled it out in a 5v5 team-fight mode, and the Berlin-based team GamerLegion also snagged the title.

However, the developers have been teasing it for a while, and finally, they spilled the beans on its release date.

Likewise, among the standout teams were:

  • Virtus. Pro
  • Into The Breach
  • Send
  • GamerLegion
Six elite teams faced off
Six elite teams faced off against each other for the second stage.
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A Recap Of The Group Stage

Firstly, all four teams were divided into two groups, then each team faced off against each other.

  • Group A: Vs. GamerLegion
  • Group B: HEPTA Vs. Acend

After that the winner from Group B and loser from the Group A faced off against each other.

  • Lower Bracket Final: GamerLegion Vs. HEPTA

Finally, the winner from Group A and the winner from the Lower Bracket Final faced off.

  • Grand Final: Virtus.Pro Vs. GamerLegion
Play off
Playoff between four teams in the tournament.

Tournament Formats In Tarkov Arena

The Battlestate Games made a big announcement during a big esports tournament in Germany called Dreamhack Hannover.

The Tarkov Arena closed beta is set to kick off right after the finals of this tournament.

It’s a bit of a treat for the players, especially those with the Edge of Darkness Edition and anyone who bought the game separately for around 37€.

Tarkov Arena offers a variety of tournament formats to cater to different skill levels and preferences.

Here are some of the most popular:

  • Shootout: This free-for-all brawl is perfect for those who want to jump in and frag. Think Last Man Standing with a hefty dose of Tarkov’s signature realism.
  • Teamfight: Grab your squad and go head-to-head against other teams in objective-based battles. Teamwork and communication are key to securing victory.
  • Overrun: PvE with a twist! Team up with your fellow mercenaries to clear waves of increasingly difficult AI enemies and complete objectives.
  • Last Hero: It’s all about survival in this free-for-all elimination mode. The last player standing takes home the glory and the loot.

Tournament Twitch Drop Of Tarkov Arena

During the DreamHack Hannover Escape From Tarkov Arena tournament, they had this cool thing going on called Twitch Drops.

It’s basically like a bonus for watching the tournament on Twitch.

Therefore, here’s what you could get:

  • Watch for 1 Hour: You could claim a reward called Stim Pack No. 1, and you’d get two of them.
  • Watch for 2 Hours: Step it up to 2 hours, and you could claim Stim Pack No.2, again getting two of them.
  • Watch for 3 Hours: Hit the 3-hour mark, and you’ll get something called a Fierce Hatchling as your reward.
  • Watch for 4 Hours: Now, if you dedicated 4 hours to the stream, your reward would be a 5.11 Tactical TacTec gear.
  • Watch for 5 Hours: And for the dedicated folks who stuck around for the full 5 hours, they got a sweet reward – an Injector case.

The Bottom Line

The developers of Battlestate Games even added a ranked mode for those who like a bit of competition.

You can also play as your mercenary in the Arena, plus there will be missions and daily tasks based on the new mode.

The developers also spilled the beans on some updates like inertia and new aiming animations.

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