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Teams Calendar Not Showing in Outlook [12 Ways to Fix]

A  Microsoft Teams Calendar enables team members to schedule meetings, events, and deadlines.

When you add a Calendar to Microsoft Teams, it will automatically appear in your Outlook Calendar.

However, your Teams Calendar may not show or sync in Outlook for various reasons.

You can quickly fix Teams Calendar not showing in Outlook by checking the Calendar’s sharing settings and troubleshooting Outlook settings.

In this article, we will explore some common causes of Teams Calendar not showing in Outlook and provide step-by-step instructions to fix the issue.

Why is Teams Calendar Not Showing in Outlook?

Sometimes Teams Calendar may not be visible in Outlook due to various reasons. Here are some of them;

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Outdated Outlook Version
  • No Synchronization Between Teams and Outlook.
  • Corrupted/Damaged Calendar
  • Incorrect Settings of Outlook
  • Corrupted File
  • Third-Party Adds-In
  • Full Mailbox
  • Server Issues

12 Ways to Fix Teams Calendar Not Showing in Outlook

If you use the same Microsoft account for both platforms, you can easily sync Teams Calendar with your Outlook account and take benefit of this feature.

However, you may encounter problems with the Outlook Calendar not appearing or loading.

Follow these twelve easy solutions to fix the Teams Calendar not showing in Outlook.

1. Sync Microsoft Teams With Outlook Calendar

The first thing you should do is sync Microsoft Teams with Outlook.

Teams’ Calendar sync with Outlook by default. However, there might be several reasons you cannot sync teams’ Calendars with Outlook.

Try syncing from the Outlook web app version with the Teams app.

You first need to create a demo meeting from the Outlook web and check if it appears in the Teams app.

If a demo meeting appears in the Teams app, then there could be a problem with your Outlook app. In this case, you can follow the fixes below.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

The Teams Calendar may not work on Outlook due to an unstable Internet Connection. Syncing and uploading files to the cloud need a stable internet connection.

Therefore, ensure a stable internet connection while using Outlook.

You can also check your internet speed (uploading/downloading) via or Speed test by Ookla.

speed test by fast dot com

Moreover, you can try these fixes to resolve your unstable internet connection;

  1. To reconnect to the internet, turn off your wifi for 5 to 10 seconds on your device and then turn it back on.
  2. Also, restart your internet router for a stable connection.

Open Outlook on your PC and check whether the Calendar is displayed. Please follow the next steps if you still encounter the issue.

3. Restart Microsoft Teams

If Outlook does not display the updated Calendar from Microsoft Teams, try restarting the Teams app on your device.

You probably have tried closing MS Teams by clicking the X button from the top right corner of your PC.

Keep in mind that the process does not entirely restart Teams. Follow these steps to restart the Teams app on your PC.

  1. Click on the Hidden icons on your PC at the bottom of the Taskbar.
  2. Select the Teams icon and right-click on it.
  3. Select the Exit option from the drop-down menu.
  4. select teams icon quit ms teams

4. Check if Both Apps are Updated

Ensure you have your device’s latest version of Outlook and Teams.

Follow the steps for checking the updates for the Teams app.

  1. First, open the Teams app, and click the Three-horizontal Dots(…) next to your Profile Icon.
  2. Select Check for updates after a drop-down menu appears.
  3. click three horizontal dots check for updates teams

  4. You will see the message ‘We will check and install any updates while you continue to work.’
  5. After clicking update button teams

To check the updates for the Outlook app, follow the steps below;

  1. First, launch Outlook on your device.
  2. Click File > Office Account >Update Options.
  3. And click on the Update Now button.

5. Sign Out and Sign In to Microsoft Teams

If the Calendar is not showing in Outlook, try signing out and re-signing in again. This is a simple solution that often works and solves the problem.

Follow the steps below to sign out and sign in to Microsoft Teams;

  1. Go to File >Office Account> Sign Out.
  2. Click the Ok button.
  3. sign out outlook

  4. After signing out, go to File > Office Account > Sign in.
  5. Enter your email or phone number in the box and click Next.
  6. go to office account sign in enter email next outlook

  7. After this, you will get a code in your email/phone number.
  8. Enter that code in the box and click Sign in.
  9. enter code outlook

After signing out and re-signing in, check whether the issues persist.

Note: Several users have reported problems with the sync feature on the Teams Mobile app. We recommend trying Microsoft Teams on the web if you still experience problems with the Teams Mobile sync feature.

6. Disable Conflicting Software

Some programs may interfere with Outlook’s functionality.

Try disabling any anti-virus software or other programs incompatible with Outlook.

Follow these steps to remove the conflicting software;

  1. First, click the Start Button and select Settings from the menu.
  2. Click Apps > Apps and features.
  3. go to apps apps and features under settings

  4. Please scroll down to find any third-party software, and right-click on it.
  5. Click on the three vertical dots, select Uninstall option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. uninstall third party app

7. Open Outlook in Safe Mode

There might be a probability that a corrupted add-in is causing the problem.

To check this, you need to open Outlook in safe mode. Follow the steps below to open Outlook in safe way;

  1. Press the Win+R key to an open run dialog box.
  2. Type outlook.exe /safe in the dialog box and click Ok.
  3. If Outlook runs perfectly in safe mode, you must disable the add-ins you no longer use.
  4. To remove the add-ins, go to File from the top right-hand side menu.
  5. go to file outlook

  6. Navigate to the Options tab.
  7. click options under file outlook

  8. Select the Add-ins option and click the Go button next to the COM Add-ins.
  9. select add ins go outlook

  10. Simply check the add-ins and click on the Remove button.
  11. select add ins remove outlook

8. Clear The Microsoft Teams Cache

Sometimes clearing Microsoft Teams cache helps to resolve the syncing issues with Outlook.

Make sure to close the Microsoft Teams on your desktop before you begin.

  1. Press the Win+R to open the windows run box.
  2. Keyboard layout showing windows + R command
  3. In the windows run box, type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams.
  4. Run command showing appdata of Microsoft teams
  5. Then, locate the CacheCode Cache, and GPUCache folders.
  6. Showing appdata folders of micro soft teams
  7. After locating the folders, delete the folders by pressing the shift + del button.

Restart Microsoft Teams after deleting the cache to check whether the issue persists.

9. Check Microsoft Teams Server Status

Sometimes Microsoft servers can go down for a few seconds/minutes, causing a Microsoft outage.

In such a case, you cannot do anything from your side to resolve the issues.

You can check Microsoft Teams’ status at Downdetector. Alternatively, search on Google for “Are Microsoft Teams Down? “.

In the meantime, you must wait until any official announcements from the Microsoft Support team.

10. Repair Outlook Calendar

You can repair the Outlook Calendar, which will resolve your issues and provide a convenient workspace.

Follow these steps to repair the Outlook Calendar.

  1. Close the Microsoft application and make sure it is not operating in the background.
  2. Press Win+R on your keyboard to open the run dialog box.
  3. Type outlook / cleanreminder inside the search box and hit Enter.
  4. type outlook cleanreminder ok run

  5. Reopen the run dialog box, type outlook / resetfolders inside the search box, and click Ok.
  6. type outlook exe reset folder outlook

You can launch Outlook on your PC to check if the problem persists.

11. Re-Sync Your Calendar

You can resolve the Teams Calendar not showing in Outlook by re-syncing the Calendar.

You can follow these steps to re-sync the Calendars:

  1. Open Outlook on your device.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Enable Calendar Sync.
  3. Then, select Microsoft(Outlook/Exchange) from the drop-down menu.
  4. Here, you can choose the Calendar type you want to sync. You can sync either a personal Calendar or a team Calendar.
  5. Click Sync Now option from the bottom right corner.

12. Contact Microsoft Customer Support

If none of the fixes work for you after trying every possible solution, it is best to contact Microsoft Customer Support for more assistance.

There are three Microsoft support channels where you can submit a report.

The  Bottom Line

You can resolve Calendar not showing issues on Outlook by setting up demo meetings on the Calendar, clearing the app cache, logging in and out of Microsoft apps, etc.

You can try each of the solutions listed above to solve the issue and regain access to your Teams Calendar in Outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enable Teams in Outlook Calendar?

If there is no Teams Calendar on your Outlook, ensure it is enabled.

First, disable the Teams add-in and again enable the add-in on Outlook.

You can now check on Outlook if there is a Teams Calendar.

Why are Teams Meeting Not Showing in the Calendar?

If you are experiencing this problem, try re-logging your account and restarting your app.

Relaunch the app and log in. Also, suggest your colleague do the same.

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