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Summary Of New Tekken 8 Story Leak

Tekken 8 is caught up in yet another story leak as fans learn about new game storylines daily.

But Tekken fans are scratching their heads as some leaks had confusing scripts.

In January, Tekken 8 was a victim of another story leak as some users released the story dialogues between various character interactions. Specifically, the storyline up to chapters 4-5 was leaked by various users.

Continue reading this article to learn about every Tekken 8-story leak from January 2024.

Tekken 8 Story Feature

Every Tekken game forms a unique storyline with its active cast of characters to connect the storyline dots.

Also, they have many game modes in each Tekken like Survival mode, Tournament mode, or even Tekken bowl.

Similarly, Tekken 8 features a storyline where characters interact with each other during the Story mode.

Tekken 8 story
A snippet of Tekken 8’s story feature.

But unlike other Tekken games, they are divided into chapters, meaning these interactions are unskippable.

Tekken 7 already teased some tensions between Jin and Kazuya, making players excited about their future interactions.

However, Tekken 8 introduced Reina, who is a part of the Mishima bloodline, to add a new mystery to the game.

Hence, since the trailer release, fans have been waiting to learn more about her purpose in the story.

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Every Story Leak From Tekken 8

All the story interactions up to Chapter 5 were leaked online from the latest game.

Here are all the confirmed leaks from the game as of today:

  • Jin and Reina meet and fight during the tournament.
  • Jin transforms into Devin Jin to defeat her and Reina uses Heihachi‘s rage art.
tekken 8 story leak
Story leak panels of Tekken 8.
  • There is a Jin/half devil Jin vs Hworang during the story.
  • The leak panel shows Azucena vs. a mystery fighter and Jin vs. Leo online.
  • Leroy and Sugar fight against a random NPC in Lee’s mansion.
  • Xiaoyu and Panda are in Claudio‘s cathedral, which is a possible game stage.

How Accurate Are The Tekken 8 Story Leaks?

Currently, players cannot confirm the accuracy of the leaked stories until Tekken 8 is officially released.

However, they can use all the collected evidence from multiple sources to conclude.

The platform banned the YouTube video alongside the YouTube channel after leaking the story.

video ban tekken 8
YouTube banned the video and the account that leaked the stories.

Even so, users who already saw that video posted various comments in several community forums.

But the Tekken community moderators even deleted their comments from all these platforms after complaints.

Therefore, these leaks are most likely true given the intensity of asset protection across all the platforms.

The Bottom Line

By adding new fight and rage mechanics alongside new storylines, Tekken 8 quickly became the most awaited fighting game.

However, the popularity of Tekken has shackled itself, as numerous users have already leaked many game features.

But fans must wait until January 26, 2024, to unravel whether the leaks were true.

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