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Explore Teldrassil Bird Meat In WOW Season Of Discovery

WOW Season of Discovery has added new items to the game, including an item called the Teldrassil Bird Meat.

However, players are confused about how to get it and what purpose it serves in the game.

In WOW Season Of Discovery, the Teldrassil Bird Meat is a very rare bait item that is dropped by the Strigid Owl with a drop rate of 0.01%. However, this item can summon a rare Mowgh bear which can be tamed by players.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about this rare item in WOW Season Of Discovery.

The Teldrassil Bird Meat In WOW

Recently, WOW launched a new season called the Season of Discovery, introducing new regions and items.

Similarly, the game introduced the Teldrassil Bird Meat as one of the many new items during the new season.

Appearance-wise, this resembles any meat drops in the game, which is also confirmed by the game’s database.

Also, it is classified as a bait item, which can summon a monster when used appropriately.

Teldrassil bird meat
Appearance of the Teldrassil Bird Meat Item in WOW.

In fact, players can place this bait in front of a Great bear’s den to summon the bear.

However, players can only get this within the Teldrassil region as the name suggests.

Additionally, it is dropped by the Strigid Owl, a fierce bird that is found in Teldrassil.

However, there are some prerequisites that players must follow to successfully obtain this item in the game.

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How To Get The Teldrassil Bird Meat In WOW?

Here is a guide about how to get Teldrassil Meat:

  1. Firstly, players must head to the Teldrassil region in the game.
  2. Secondly, they must locate a monster named the Strigid Owl.
  3. Thirdly, they must kill this owl in hopes of getting the Teldrassil bird meat.
Drop rate and souce of teldrassil meat
Drop rate and source of Teldrassil meat.
  1. Players should know that this item has a drop rate of 0.01%.
  2. In fact, the game database confirms that players have only collected 3 Teldrassil birt meat out of 33,233 drops.
  3. Therefore, this item can be only collected by players who are ready to persevere in this quest.

In summary, this is the only way for players to obtain the Teldrassil Bird in the game.

Purpose Of Teldrassil Bird Meat

According to the game database, the purpose of the Teldrassil Bird Meat is to act as bait.

In fact, the creature that appears for this bait is a rare Mowgh bear.

Furthermore, authorities have not officially released the location this bear’s den.

However, a comment on an online forum mentioned that the user was able to summon the rare Mowgh in the coordinates 48.0, 31.8.

Purpose of Teldrassil Bird meat
The comments by users confirm that a tameable Mowgh can be summed by the bait item.

Furthermore, the user also stated that they placed the bait in the bloody bones area to summon the bear.

Also, another user confirmed that the rare Mowgh is tameable after summoning it via the Teldrassil meat.

The Bottom Line

The Teldrassil meat is one of the rarest items in the game with a critically low drop rate of just 0.01%.

Therefore, players who are planning to obtain it should buckle up as it is bound to consume a lot of their time.

However, the reward is equally alluring as it can summon a rare monster to fight beside you.

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