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How To Solve Floating Scales Island Droplet Puzzle?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda the Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed Roleplaying Game (RPG).

The game allows players to encounter various characters through various quests.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can encounter different puzzles while completing certain main quests.

One of these puzzles is the Droplet puzzle. Moreover, the puzzle is key to completing the Clues to the Sky main story quest. However, completing the puzzle requires a bow and the king scale to Fire at the Droplet.

Continue reading where the puzzle is and how to obtain the king scale.

How To Solve Floating Scales Island Droplet Puzzle?

Before attempting the puzzle, the players must obtain King Scale from King Dorephon.

Additionally, after obtaining the scale, the players must talk to Sidon of the Zora in the Mipha court to begin the quest, “Clues to the Sky.”

The “Clues to the Sky” is a part of the Sidon of the Zora main story quest.

Once the quest starts, the player can open the map and switch to sky view.

In the sky view, players will notice an island in the shape of a Fish called Floating Scales Island.

Floating Fish Island Map Location
Floating Scales Island Map Location

However, the area does not have other sky islands for the players to go to and then fly to the Floating Scales Island.

But, if the players equip the Zora’s Armor, they can go upstream using the Waterfall in “Mipha’s Court.”

Waterfall In Mipha's Court
Waterfall In Mipha’s Court

Additionally, if the player does not want to equip the Zora’s Armor, they can build a hot air balloon nearby.

The materials are in the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. However, it is better to use Zora’s Armor.

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Where Can You Find The Droplet Puzzle?

Once the player goes upstream using the Waterfall and glides to the Floating Scales Island, the players will come across a large amount of floating debris.

Moreover, these stones are the key to solving the Droplet puzzle.

Furthermore, all players need to do is head to the island’s highest point; coincidentally, the island’s highest point is also the center of the Island.

Once at the center, the players need to walk towards the western edge and look towards the ground.

The debris will look like a Droplet from the western edge at a certain angle.

The Droplet Puzzle In Floating Scales Island
The Droplet puzzle In Floating Scales Island

After the player positions themselves properly, Fuse the King Scale onto an arrow and shoot it at the center of the debris in the form of a Droplet.

Fusing The King's Scale
Players need to fuse the King’s scale.

Furthermore, after the arrow enters the Droplet, it will trigger a beam of light.

This beam of light denotes the puzzle is complete. This puzzle will also complete the “Clues to the Sky” quest.

After completing the “Clues to the Sky” quest, the players can return to Prince Sidon to continue the “Sidon of the Zora” main quest.

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The Bottom Line

The main story questlines typically contain various side-story quests.

These side story quests tell a story of the people around the area and sometimes even the main characters. 

However, some side story quests can stump the players, but the magic of the side story quests is storytelling.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in solving the Droplet puzzle and progressing through the main story.

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