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Crystallization Catalyst: Level 40 Milestone Of The First Descendant

The First Descendants offers the player with many Descendants to choose from.

Each one has many skills, but they can only be upgraded using the system called The Crystallization Catalyst.

Crystallization Catalyst is a valuable item in The First Descendant that allows you to assign mod sockets to your skills and weapons. It is used for skill enhancement, cooldown reduction, and your character advancement. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Crystallization Catalyst, how to assign it, and its uses.

What Is Crystallization Catalyst In The First Descendant?

The Crystallization Catalyst is an item that is used to enhance your character’s skills, making them more powerful.

It offers strategic customization options to improve your Descendant’s abilities.

Your chosen Descendant character must reach level 40 to use this crystal.

However, each character you play can obtain and use one Crystallization Catalyst.

If you focus on damage, you may want to assign sockets to mods that increase damage.

Additionally, if you focus on defense, you may want to assign sockets to mods that increase your health or armor.

Therefore, some of the characteristics of the Crystallization Catalyst are:

  • They are very rare and valuable items.
  • The catalysts are used to assign mod sockets to any skill or weapon.
  • Moreover, they can be only used once per Descendant.
  • They can also be used to reduce the capacity cost of mods.
  • Hence, the Crystallization Catalyst increased the damage output of skills and weapons.
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How To Assign Crystallization Catalyst In The First Descendant?

Assigning a Crystallization Catalyst is essential for upgrading your character’s skills.

Here are some steps on how to assign it:

1. Reach Level 40

Firstly, reach level 40 with your selected Descendant character.

You’ll receive the Crystallization Catalyst as a reward only after you reach this level.

Afterward, you can go to the Research Lady to craft the Crystallization Catalyst.

2. Select The Skills

Open your character’s inventory, usually accessible through a menu or interface option.

Then, find the section that lists your character’s skills which is where you can manage and upgrade your abilities.

Choose the skill that you want to enhance with the Crystallization Catalyst by highlighting the skill module.

3. Assign The Catalyst

After selecting the skill, you’ll have the option to assign the Crystallization Catalyst.

Right-click on the skill or weapon then select Assign Mod Sockets.

Lastly, choose the type of socket you want to assign and click Apply Socket Type.

Once assigned, the skill will benefit from reduced cooldown times, making it more effective in combat.

assign crystallization catalyst
Option to assign the Crystallization Catalyst.

Uses Of Crystallization Catalyst In The First Descendant

The Crystallization Catalyst has several important uses to enhance your character’s abilities.

Here are some of its uses:

1. Skill Enhancement

The Crystallization Catalysts allow you to assign mod sockets to your skills and weapons.

Special slots allow you to add mods to your skills and weapons, giving them new abilities or making them powerful.

Moreover, it boosts its effectiveness when assigned to a skill, making it more potent in battles.

2. Cooldown And Capacity Reduction

One key benefit is reducing the assigned skill’s cooldown time.

Subsequently, you can use the skills more frequently during missions and battles.

Additionally, you can use the Crystallization Catalysts to reduce the capacity cost of mods.

3. Optimize Your Build

You can use them to optimize your build by allowing you to assign the right mods to your skills and weapons.

Additionally, this can make your character more powerful and effective in combat.

Furthermore, you can choose which skills to enhance according to your character’s skillset.

The Bottom Line

The Crystallization Catalyst is a powerful item that can help you optimize your build and increase your damage output.

Try different combinations since there is no right or wrong way to assign mod sockets.

However, you can always reassign the Catalyst Crystallization if you are unhappy with your current socket.

If you get one, make sure you use it wisely.

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