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Valby In The First Descendant: Overview And Analysis

Valby is one of the superhuman soldiers in the First Descendant. She sports the ability to control the water element. 

Furthermore, her abilities are great at dealing with the area of effect damage, so she is a bit weak in a one-on-one scenario. 

Valby is one of the playable characters whose unique trait is the ability to control water in the First Descendant. Her strength lies in crowd control and area of effect damage, making her an excellent character for dealing with hordes of enemies. 

This article discusses everything about the playable character, Valby and her skills in the First Descendant.

Who Is Valby In The First Descendant? 

Valby is one of the superhuman soldiers players can play in the First Descendant. She excels in the area of effect damage. 

However, she is also quite agile since she can transform into a liquid state and traverse the map. 

Furthermore, she possesses the power to control the water element.

Thus adding to the ability to transform into a liquid state to traverse the map. 

According to her backstory, Valby accidentally fell into a river, causing her almost to drown.

This event allowed her to obtain the ability to control the water element. 

However, the event also became a bane since she nearly evaporated due to the heat, but the Magister helped her by building a special suit for her. 

valby in the first descendant
Valby is one of the playable first descendants in the game.

Valby harnesses the power of the water element by creating bubbles as she traverses through the battlefield.

These bubbles will deal damage constantly. 

Furthermore, she is adept at bringing enemies to a single area by conjuring huge water bombs.

This allows her to not only Crowd Control (CC) the enemies but also ensure that her skills deal the most damage in a certain area. 

Moreover, since she excels at areas of effect damage, she is not as efficient at one-on-one battles.

Thus, if you want to master her, play into her strengths. 

Valby sports six skills, of which two are passive, and four are active. We will discuss her skills below. 

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Valby’s Skill In The First Descendant 

As mentioned before, Valby sports a total of 6 skills. Each skill plays into the water element theme.

Thus, players can get a general idea of how her visual effects will look like. 

Here, we will discuss Valby’s active skills in the First Descendant

 Active Skills

First, let us go over her active skills and her active skills are: 

1. Plop Plop

This skill allows her to create a large puddle in the area she is standing on.

After she creates the puddle, she will dive into the puddle. 

She can then choose any area she wants to come out of. However, the area must be within the puddle zone. 

Enemies in the puddle will take continuous damage due to laundry. 

2. Laundry

This skill allows Valby to liquidify and move between the enemies while creating a water trail.

The trail of water will continuously damage the enemies within the vicinity. 

Furthermore, the skill increases her defense and movement. But the buff lasts until the skill duration. 

3. Laundry Bomb

This skill changes the weapon she is currently equipping into a Laundry bomb launcher. 

When she fires the weapon, it creates a laundry bomb that will pull enemies into the bomb and inflict laundry on them. 

Passive Skills

Now, let us look at her passive skills. 

Here is a list of Valby’s passive skills in the first descendant: 

1. Water Intake

This passive lowers the consumption of mana when she is standing on water and uses any of her skills. 

2. Bubble Bullet

Valby bounces a bubble bullet forward, creating a small puddle in the impact area and the area she is standing on. 

Enemies who stand on either puddle take continuous damage. 

The Bottom Line

The First Descendant is in its early beta phase. However, the game seems to be nearly complete, and players can request access to the game. 

Thus, if you are interested, you can simply request it and get instant access to the game. 

Valby is one of the playable characters, so you can try her and even check out for yourself if she likes you. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about Valby in the First Descendant. 

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