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Encounter With The Fragmented One In Warframe

In Warframe, whispers in the walls, players have to face the formidable boss known as The Fragmented One.

Similarly, The Fragmented One is the latest 4-tier boss in this new update, offering an exciting battle for the players.

In Warframe, players can unlock The Fragmented One Boss by searching and injecting the Atropos Probe into the Vitreum. Similarly, players should collect at least 60 Mumur Eyes before confronting the formidable Fragmented One. 

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Warframe: Summoning The Fragmented One

Before embarking on the battle with the Fragmented One, players must enter the Assassination mission of the Steel Path.

Similarly, players can embark on the Steel path either through the normal gameplay or by opting for a bounty.

Likewise, during the Assassination mission, players have to locate and retrieve the Atropos Probes and inject them into Vitreum.

Fragmented One warframe
A player should fill the Vitreum with the eyes and probs to summon the Fragmented one.

Alongside the Atropos Probes, players must collect 60 Murmur eyes, which is an essential resource to unlock the boss.

Players can collect the Atropos probe by exploring the Tileset and Murmur eyes from the standard eyes.

So players must collect the eyes and the Atropos probe which would successfully make the Vitreum valid.

Thus only after making the Vitreum valid, players can summon the formidable boss, The Fragmented One.

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Warframe: Battle With Fragmented One

Here are the strategies and techniques to tackle Fragmented One and the process to receive Hand Suali reward in Warframe;

1. First Phase

Players can summon the Tier 4 level Fragment one by searching and injecting the probes and eyes into the Vitreum.

Similarly, after collecting the required amount, players can uncover the First phase of the Fragmented One Boss.

In this phase, The Fragmented one unleashes a  barrage of magnetic damage and procs to become more deadly.

Moreover, the fragmented one also possesses the ability to strip the buffs from the players.

Battling The Fragmented One in Warframe
A player is Fighting The Fragmented One in Warframe

Similarly, this boss also excels at reading animations so guess the upcoming attacks; therefore players must make a smart move.

Moreover, The Fragmented One uses clockwise and anti-clockwise magnetic beams for attacking, to catch players off guard.

In this phase, the boss also summons the tracking lasers which deal a heavy blow, so players should try to avoid it.

Additionally, the boss excels at the close-range attacks making the encounter more challenging and exciting.

2. Second Phase

After fighting the boss for some period, he transitions to phase 2, which brings unique and new challenges.

During the second phase, the boss can summon projectiles in the form of a ball-like ability that creates airborne chaos for the players.

Similarly, in this phase, the globe expands around the boss so players must choose the best position to deal the damage.

However, the globe shrinks over time, which adds a unique challenge while encountering the boss.

3. Weak Spots And Tactics 

Players can find the weak spots by observing the boss’s design, as it reveals the circular balls in specific areas.

Thus, players should make a strategy and focus on shooting these areas to deal the maximum damage to the boss.

Likewise, players have to make a strategic decision and acquire the right weapons to defeat the Fragmented one in Warframe.

Players can use the Milter and Incarnadine Form during this battle, which are proven effective choices.

The Milter allows players to handle the gun easily with its lock-on mechanism and the Incarnadine Form deals heavy damage.

Therefore, players can choose the Incarnadine to encounter the Fragmented one because of its highest damage point.

The Bottom Line

In this latest season of Whispers in the Walls, players can encounter the Fragmented one and have a thrilling experience.

In conclusion, players must understand the nature of the boss during both phases and use the right weapons to defeat the Fragmented One.

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