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Explore The Ribbons In The Great Hall In Remnant 2

The Great Hall is the sub-biome in Remnant 2, home to unique items and challenges. The Plain Ribbon is one of the interesting an item that is found in this location.

The Great Hall is in the Losmon biome, where you can find different Ribbons, including Golden Ribbon, Silver Ribbon, and Plain Ribbon. Furthermore, players can find the Plain Ribbon on the ground near the entrance of the Great Hall.

This article will discuss the  Ribbons Found In The Great Hall in Remnant 2 and how and where it is used.

Ribbons Found In The Great Hall In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, players use various items to solve puzzles but may miss or not use some.

In the case of the Ribbon, Plan Ribbon is an item found in The Great Hall and can be found in Gilded Chamber.

The items glow red when you find them, indicating they are quest items.

The plain Ribbon cannot offer much in the current state.

Ribbons Found In The Great Hall In Remnant 2
You will find the Plain Ribbon on the ground near the entrance of the Great Hall.

However, using it on the Ribbon statue will transform it into a Golden or Silver Ribbon.

However, you can only use this plain Ribbon if the statue event is present.

What To Do With The Ribbon Found In Great Hall?

Players use the Plain Ribbon in the event known as the Ribbon Statue event.

The player can obtain weapons or consumables for solving puzzles in this event.

Furthermore, this event may or may not appear during gameplay. The only way to get t is to restart the adventure mode.

Here is the step given to show how to use plain Ribbon in this event;

  1. In the same Great Hall where you found the plain Ribbon, you can find the statue of the fae holding hands.
location of plain ribbon and the fae's statue
The plain Ribbon is on the bottom floor (B on the map), and the statue is on the upper floor, indicated as A.
  1. Interact with it and use the plain Ribbon; it will warp the Ribbon around both faes’ arms, uniting them.
  2. Once you place the plain Ribbon, you won’t receive the rewards immediately. This intentional delay allows the game to determine the state of the dungeon (night or day).
  3. To get the reward, you have to leave the dungeon and return. Upon your return, the statue will have transformed.
  4. The current state of the dungeon will determine your reward, granting you either the Golden Ribbon or Silver Ribbon amulet.

All Plain Ribbon Reward In Remnant 2

The Ribbon you get depends on the state of the dungeon you are currently on.

If you are in another state, you must restart the whole process.

Here is the information on the All the Plain Ribbon with its state and status;

  1. Golden Ribbon: You will get the Ribbon if you have set your dungeon state in the light dungeon. This amulet increases mod damage by 25%, and activating a mod grants hasted for 15s.
  2. Silver Ribbon: You obtain this by setting the state in a dark dungeon. This amulet enhances skill damage by 25%, and activating a skill grants Haste for 15s.
  3. Nimue’s Ribbon: Nimue’s Ribbon becomes obtainable upon completing the quests known as The Imposter. Once you defeat Faelin or Faerie, the plain Ribbon transforms into an amulet. You can then craft Nimue’s Ribbon using this amulet.
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The Bottom Line

Remember that you have the plain Ribbon before interacting with the statue.

The amulet you receive can be random, so you can repeat the process until you get the right one.

Hopefully, this article has helped to learn about the Ribbons and the types of Ribbons you can get from The Great Hall.

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