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The Tumor Diablo 4 Season Of Construct: Ink Vault In Hawezar

In Diablo 4 season 3, players must embark on the Tumor quest and search the vaults.

During this journey, players might have to face various opponents to clear the entrance to the Vault.

Moreover, players should discover the way to Ink Vault and destroy corrupted conduits in this quest.

Continue reading to learn more about the newly introduced Tumor quest in Diablo 4.

What Is Diablo 4 Tumor?

The dark and treacherous world of Diablo 4 awaits players as they dive into the latest season, full of new challenges and interesting quests.

The Season of Construct introduced players to several quests where players face formidable challenges.

 Journey to complete the Tumor quest in the game.
Starting the journey to Ink Vault In Hawezar complete the Tumor quest in the game.

Similarly, the Tumor is one of the primary quests in Season of Construct.

This quest is achievable during season three of Diablo 4 to progress through the storyline.

Moreover, this quest introduces players to the Vault, a new type of dungeon added in Season 3.

Players can also complete this quest at an early stage of the game.

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Guide To Complete The Tumor In Diablo 4

Players must travel to the Vault of Ink to lure Malphas and kill him.

However, players will fail to summon Malphas here and instead, players will have to fight his son.

Here is the guide that players can follow the the Tumor Diablo 4 Season of Construct quest.

1. Gateway To Vault Of Hawezar

To begin this quest, players must return to Ayuzhan in the Greathall, place the Hell-Blessed Runestone, and visit the Ink Vault in Hawezar.

Hawezar is one of the regions that players will explore in Diablo 4.

Similarly, players must discover the way leading to the Ink Vault to reach there without any problem.

Players must navigate through the challenging terrain of the Diablo 4 and face many challenges during their journey.

2. Destroy The Corrupted Conduits

Players will encounter several corrupted conduits that present significant threats to them.

As they progress further, they must destroy these conduits and fight against the enemies to clear the entrance to the Vault of Ink.

Destroy the conduits and face off formidable enemies
Players must destroy the conduits and face off formidable enemies.

However, the Corrupted Conduits emerge as a significant obstacle and threaten to disrupt the completion of the quest.

Players can enter the Vault of Ink after defeating enemies and destroying the corrupted conduits.

3. Find And Activate The Gateway In The Observatory

The journey to find the gateway in the Observatory in Diablo 4 requires confronting another snake-like large creature, i.e., Nangari Longfang.

These, similar to the Claw Viper creature, are found in the swamps of Hawezar.

Moreover, players must also defeat other formidable enemies while in the Observatory.

Hence, upon finding the Resplendent chest, the Gateway will activate, and players will reach Level 21.

4. Speak with Ayuzhan And Navigate The Vault With Him

Players must speak with Ayuzhan in the Observatory and venture into the Vault with him.

However, players should focus on their survival, suffer in the Amphitheater for 30 seconds, and slay the hunter.

Moreover, players must wait for Ayuzhan to finish the ritual and defeat the demons in the Vault.

5. Slay The Son Of Malphas

It is a pivotal quest where players will defeat the Son of Malphas.

However, confronting and defeating this huge demon is not easy.

An arduous process presents a formidable threat to the players in completing the quest.

Ayuzhan will advise players to leave this tremendous place quickly.

Players can successfully complete this Diablo 4 Season Of Construct quest after surviving the battle.

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