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Thorm Mausoleum Baldurs Gate 3: How To Complete It?

A dangerous but fruitful adventure awaits you in the Shadow-Cursed Lands of Baldur’s Gate 3, where the Thorm Mausoleum lies.

Thorm’s Mausoleum holds various puzzles in Baldur’s Gate 3, showing the world’s workings and cruelty.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, to complete the Thorm’s Mausoleum, players must interact with a set of murals in the correct order. The Mausoleum allows the players to progress further through the story, which holds even more puzzles and rewards.

This article discusses the Thorm Mausoleum and how to complete it.

What Is The Thorm Mausoleum In Baldurs Gate 3?

Thorm Mausoleum is an enclosed area in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Mausoleum is a part of the Gauntlet of shar puzzles.

Furthermore, players must complete three events to get to the Gauntlet of Shar Trials.

This means after players complete the Thorm Mausoleum, they must complete two more events before getting to the trials.

However, the trials themselves have three additional trials.

Thus, Thorm Mausoleum is only the tip of the iceberg. But, even the Mausoleum contains a fair bit of trials for the players to complete.

The quest is also related to Shadowheart’s Daughter of Darkness quest. Thus, she will be a great addition to the team.

Furthermore, one of the Mausoleum’s objectives is connected to Astarion’s Pale Elf quest.

Thus, he will significantly help in clearing out the traps in the Mausoleum.

How To Complete The Thorm Mausoleum In Baldurs Gate 3? 

The Thorm Mausoleum is the first puzzle for the Gauntlet of Shar puzzle.

Typically, to follow General Thorm’s footsteps, the book instructs the readers to trace his journey: from greatness to calamity to Infamy.

Here are steps to complete the Thorm’s Mausoleum in Baldur’s Gate 3.

1. Reach The Topmost Chamber

First, players must reach the topmost chamber. Here, they will see a coffin and three murals. 

Furthermore, players will also find several traps in the area. To disarm the traps, make sure to ungroup your party. 

Then, use Astarion to disarm the traps. However, this works only if he has the highest sleight-of-hand skill. 

2. Interact With The Murals

After you disable all the traps, you must interact with the murals.

You can interact with the murals in the following order.

  1. First, interact with Splendor which shows Moonrise Towers. 
Interact with moonrise towers baldurs gate 3
You can interact with the moonrise towers mural in the Thorm’s Mausoleum.
  1. Then, you must interact with Tragedy; the mural shows Thorm crying over his dead daughter. 
Interact with thorm crying Bg3
Interact with Thorm crying over his daughter in the Thorm’s Mausoleum In Baldur’s Gate 3.
  1. Lastly, interact with Infamy; it shows Thorm sitting on a throne and looking at his audience with ill intent. 
Interact with Thorm on his throne
Interact with Thorm looking over his people from his throne in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  1. Finally, a doorway will open after the players interact with the murals in the correct order.
  2. This doorway allows the players to ride an elevator to the Gauntlet of Shar.
thorm mausoleum baldurs gate 3
A doorway will open to an elevator.
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The Rewards Of The Thorm Mausoleum

The Thorm Mausoleum is a treasure trove of rare and valuable items. Among them, you can find:

  • Kerheric’s Relic is a potent artifact that can defeat the Mind Flayer Magister.
  • Various enchanted weapons and armor to enhance your combat abilities.
  • A large amount of gold coins and gems to enrich your pockets.

Besides these, the dungeon offers many opportunities to gain experience and level your character.

The Bottom Line

Puzzles are a test of the player’s wits that allows the developers to insert various easter eggs within the game. 

In the case of Thorm’s Mausoleum, it portrays a rather sad story, where a father loses their child and turns rather cruel.

Nonetheless, the Mausoleum gives a glimpse into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the Mausoleum and progressing through the Baldur’s Gate 3 story. 

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