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Why Is TikTok Asking For Passcode? With Solutions

Many users are left confused as TikTok is asking for the passcode each time they launch the app.

Moreover, the issue is limited to just iOS users notably on iPhone.

TikTok is asking for passwords due to a potential bug, un-updated apps, and the use of restricted mode. To overcome the problem users should get the latest version of the app or simply tab Cancel whenever TikTok asks for the PIN code.

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Why Is TikTok Asking For Passcode On iPhone?

Applications on the iPhone should launch normally if users have not used code for certain apps.

However, in the case of TikTok, the iPhone asks for the passcode whenever users open the app.

The issue seems pretty unusual for a social media application and started in late November.

Unfortunatley, this issue is yet not fixed and seems to be an iPhone problem rather than TikTok.

Here are a few reasons why TikTok can asking for a passcode on iOS device;

1. Restricted Mode

The Passcode issue can be caused if users are using the restricted mode on TikTok.

Moreover, the restricted mode often limits the exposure of the contents mainly for minors.

To overcome the issue users should disable the restricted mode by using the following procedure;

  1. Launch the App and head to Profile.
  2. Tap Settings And Privacy and search for Content Preferences.
  3. Enter the Restricted Mode settings and Tap Turn off
turn off restricted mode
Disable the restricted mode on TikTok.
  1. Enter the PIN code of the iPhone and press Next.

2. iPhone Bug

Another cause for the iPhone asking for the Passcode should be a potential bug.

It could be a result of an outdated app, an older iOS version, or an uncleared app cache.

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TikTok Asking For Passcode: Solution

TikTok asking for a passcode whenever users launch the app can frustrate the users. To solve it follow the given steps;

1. Update, Uninstall And Reinstall 

Users should initially get the latest patch of TikTok from the App Store.

Moreover, if the issue still exists, they should re-install and un-install the application.

If users don’t want to enter their credentials again, they can simply clear the TikTok Cache.

2. Cancel Button

Whenever users launch the app, they can skip the code verification with ease.

To do so, players should simply Tap the Cancel button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

tiktok asking for passcode
Tap Cancel on Enter iPhone passcode for “TikTok”.

Moreover, if users want to use the code and enjoy videos on TikTok, they can go for it.

The Bottom Line

TikTok asking for a Passcode on iPhone every time can be frustrating for users.

Even though a simple Cancel button will get the job done, the user should get the latest patch to overcome the problem.

If the issue still exists, users can switch the platform or contact TikTok technical support.

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