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Bungie Removes Togetherness Modifier In Destiny 2

Togetherness is a gameplay modifier in Destiny 2 that encourages players to be involved in team play.

Players have mixed reviews from some loving the modifier to some finding it frustrating.

The togetherness gameplay modifier in Destiny 2, adds challenge by altering health regeneration mechanics and is set to be removed on Jan 9, 2024, due to mixed player reviews. Because some players are finding it frustrating, especially solo players.

In the article, we will discuss the Togetherness modifier in Destiny 2.

What Is Togetherness In Destiny 2?

Togetherness is a gameplay modifier in Destiny 2, designed to provide an additional challenge during specific activities.

Released in The Coil, Togetherness alters the player’s health regeneration mechanics.

Normally, health regen occurs over time, but with Togetherness, base health regen is reduced.

togetherness destiny 2
Togetherness in Destiny 2 is a modifier.

However, if a player stays close to another teammate, health regen will increase.

Further, the togetherness modifier encourages players to stick together to enhance their survivability.

It adds a layer of strategy and coordination, fostering teamwork and communication among players.

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Is Togetherness Going To Be Removed?

Bungie has decided to remove the Togetherness modifier from Destiny 2’s Season Of The Wish: The Coil activity.

This gameplay modifier, introduced to provide an extra challenge, altered the way players regenerated health.

With Togetherness, base health regen is less, but staying close to teammates increases health regen.

Additionally, this reason caused frustration for solo players.

game modifier destiny
Togetherness will no longer exist in Destiny 2 after the new update.

However, after receiving feedback from players who found it frustrating, Bungie decided to address the concerns.

In an upcoming update scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, Togetherness will no longer be part of the modifier rotation for The Coil.

Why Is Bungie Removing Togetherness In Destiny 2?

Here are some reasons why developers are removing Togetherness in Destiny 2 :

  • Many solo players found Togetherness frustrating in The Coil activity.
  • Togetherness, a modifier reducing health regen unless close to teammates, penalized solo players.
  • Numerous Guardians expressed dissatisfaction with this modifier on platforms like Reddit.

Bungie acknowledged the concerns and decided to remove Togetherness.

The removal aims to improve the overall experience by eliminating a perceived source of unnecessary difficulty.

Bungie aims to make The Coil more enjoyable for solo players by removing a modifier that posed challenges without enhancing the experience.

What Will Change After Togetherness Is Removed?

You might observe the following changes after the new update removes Togetherness:

  • Normal Health Regen: Without Togetherness, base health regen returns to the standard rate.
  • No Proximity Requirement: Players no longer need to stay close to teammates for increased health regen.
  • Solo Play Improvement: Solo players experience smoother gameplay without Togetherness.
  • Reduced Frustration: Removal addresses player dissatisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Bungie is removing the Togetherness modifier from Destiny 2’s The Coil activity due to widespread dissatisfaction.

This modifier reduced health regeneration unless players stayed close to teammates, causing frustration, especially for solo players.

The removal, scheduled for January 9, 2024, aligns with Bungie’s commitment to player satisfaction.

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