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How To Complete Toothbrush Quest In Royale High?

Toothbrush Quest in Royal High is a quest where you have to purchase a toothbrush.

After purchasing, you have to go near the sink and brush your teeth to complete the quest.

To complete the tooth brush quest get the “My Toothbrush” item from the Student Dormitories furniture, then head to the Dormitory Bathing Quarters and head to a sink to brush your teeth.

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What Is Toothbrush Quest In Royale High?

Toothbrush Quest is the 13th numbered quest from a list of quests that players can complete around Campus 3.

It is an easy-level quest prior for beginners or starters to gain experience in Royale High.

Toothbrush Quest
This is the powder room where you should complete the toothbrush quest.

Make sure to have access to any places that has a bathroom as this quest works in all the places having a sink.

Completing this quest requires a time of 2 minutes and 10 secs. So, wait until the quest is in progress.

After you get the toothbrush and stand near the sink, the progress timer will automatically start.

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Steps To Complete Toothbrush Quest In Royale High

Before you move toward the toothbrush quest, make sure that you have access to your dorms.

Dorms are located on the second floor in the Castle’s Heart.

You can find dorms near a mysterious door in the Dormitory Bathing Quarters, or also can use the teleport scepter.

1. Go To Your Dorm Room

Firstly, head towards your dorm room, where you can buy items and other requirements for quests.

To find the dorm room, head up the stairs near the hallway that leads to the Art Studio and Chemistry Lab.

Dorm Location
Players should go to the dorm in Royale High.

2. Click On the Decorate Button To Shop

After you reach the dorm room go to the shop and click on the decorate button that appears below the screen.

Make sure that you are near the shop as the button only appears when you are near the shop.

After you reach dorm, you can open the shop.

3. Buy The Toothbrush From The Shop

When you open the shop, you can find a toothbrush there.

Pick it up and fill it up in your dorm slot and make sure you don’t forget to put it in the dorm.

You need to get this brush from the shop in Royale High.

4. Take The Toothbrush

You can take the toothbrush by clicking and dragging it as you move along.

Some will need just a click and some require drag as it depends on your game settings.

5. Stand Near The Sink

After you pick up the toothbrush, go to the Powder room in the courtyard, and then stand near the sink.

You must have a toothbrush in your hand before you go to stand near the sink.

6. Wait Until Quest Completes

The character in the game will begin brushing their teeth automatically.

All you need to do is wait until the progress finishes. It takes some time so wait patiently.

The Bottom Line

Completing the Toothbrush Quest in Royale High is all about following the steps and exploring the magical realms of the game.

Conquer all the challenges and revel in the rewards that await you in the enchanting world of Royale High.

Make sure to have access to the dorms and a room with a sink init as the guest also works in bathrooms of the Student Dormitory.

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