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Why Is Trading Hub Down In Royale High?

The Trading Hub is the realm in Royale High where players can trade items with each other.

However, players cannot get into the Trading Hub for the past few days.

Players are curious to know if the Trading hub is down or removed completely from the Royale High.

The trading hub is currently down in Royale High as developers are trying to fix errors and glitches or develop new updates. Until then players have to wait for the update to complete to access the trading hub again.
Continue reading to explore why the Trading hub is down in Royale High and when will it come back.

Is Trading Hub Down In Royale High?

The Trading Hub, a popular location for players to trade various items, is currently down.

It is a famous spot for players to buy sell and collect items and it is often bustling with activity.

Further, the hub has some hidden chests that contain diamonds and accessories.

However, the trading hub has been down for over a week, leading players not to teleport to this location.

Trading hub removed in map in Royale High
Players cannot see the trading hub on the map.

Furthermore, players can no longer trade the items from each other while this is down.

According to the developers, the update is still in progress and they will bring the trading hub soon.

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Trading Hub Down In Royale High: Probable reasons

Many players are speculating several reasons why the trading hub is down in Royale High.

Here are some of the most likely ones:

1. Updates And Improvements

The developers are working on updating the trading hub realm to make it more exciting for the players.

This could include features like better dorm furniture, improved interface design, and additional items.

Trading hub is down in Royale High
Players get this message while trying to teleport to Trading Hub in Royale High.

Further, developers can ensure a smoother experience when it relaunches after taking it down for some time.

2. Players Don’t Teleport To Trading Hub

Some players feel it’s probably down so players don’t try to teleport to the Trading hub.

The trading hub may be down as developers may be working on winter decorations and don’t want players to access it.

Trading Hub in winter
Trading hub beautifully decorated for the winter in Royale High.

Further, developers are coming up with more ways for players to customize their characters in-game.

3. Glitches And Errors

There were several glitches and errors that allowed players to gain items or diamonds unfairly.

The developers may have taken down the Trading hub to fix this issue in R0yale High.

Further, in the twitter post, developers clarified that it is down due to some errors and they’ll fix it soon.

When Is Trading Hub Coming Back?

While the exact date for the Trading hub is unknown, players can stay updated for further information.

In the meantime, players can explore other features and areas of the game.

1. Trade in other areas

Even though the trading hub is the popular location for trading in the game.

Players can still trade items with other players in other areas of Royale High such as Apartments or the Beach.

2. Participate in other activities

There are several other things players can do in Royale High besides trading.

You can play minigames, complete quests or attend events during this time.

3. Stay Up-To-Date

You have to keep an eye on the Royale High official website and social media channels for updates.

If the trading hub is coming back, these pages will officially let you know.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Trading Hub is down for so many days causing frustration among the Royale High players.  

Meanwhile, players can explore other areas and participate in various activities until Trading Hub reopens with improved features.

Let’s hope the trading hub comes back as soon as possible with bug fixes and new features.

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