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Where Is King Dorephan Hiding?

King Dorephan is a Character in The Legend of Zelda game series which occurs recurrently in the game.

He is the current ruler of Zora’s Domain who rules the Domain from the Throne Room.

However, he hides getting wary of so many things, and you need to track him down.

Finding the location of King Dorephan is quite a challenging task that is part of the Clues to the Sky quest. It’s someplace behind a waterfall between Zora’s Domain and Ploymus Mountain. 

Continue reading this article to learn more about King Dorephan, Zora’s Domain, and where to find him.

What Is Zora’s Domain?

The Land of the Zoras, commonly referred to as Zora’s Domain, frequently appears in The Legend of Zelda games.

It is based on Zora’s Waterfall from A Link to the Past. The Zora, a water-loving race, lives there.

King Dorephan's Zora's Domain
A Glimpse of  Zora’s Domain.

The Ne’ez Yohma Shrine is located at the center of Zora’s Domain.

You can warp to it quickly if you have a nearby travel point and make sure you activate it.

Features Of Zora Domain

Zora’s Domain, where King Zora and Princess Ruto reside, is situated in the northeastern region of Hyrule in the Ocarina of Time game.

Moreover, In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Lanayru Region is the area where you can locate Zora’s Domain. 

It comprises a big large space mostly filled with water and has a sizable cascade cascading into the lower region from the top.

It is closely related to Zora’s Fountain, from which it draws its water.

There are only two ways to enter the domain: through a concealed underwater entry in Lake Hylia or from Zora’s River.

However, only individuals with ties to the Royal Family of Hyrule are permitted entry.

How To Find Zora’s Domain?

Normally, finding Zora’s domain is quite an easy task.

You can follow the path east from the stable, passing the wells at Goponga Village Ruins and Lanayru Wetlands.

Likewise, you’ll be on the correct path if you follow the bridges.

This essentially applies to the entire journey. You can follow the bridges and keep traveling east.

Sludge indicates the right way, therefore you can use splash fruit to clear it if needed.

As you approach the Domain, the bridges become more elegant and colorful, made of blue and white marble.

Where Is King Dorephan Hiding?

Polluted rivers have caused devastation in the previously vibrant Zora domain, putting the Zoras’ survival in grave danger.

Your obligation is to track down where King Dorephan is hiding and put an end to the catastrophe as Prince Sidon fights this threat.

Finding the exact location of King Dorephan is one of the toughest challenges in Zelda.

However, there is a way you need to eavesdrop on some young Zora as the first step in locating him.

You need to finish the game’s opening chapters and unlock the Regional Phenomena quest in order to start following King Dorephan.

To meet Prince Sidon, travel to Zora’s Domain in the east and continue the narrative there.

Finally, you’ll be given a task that requires you to listen in on Zora’s kids, who will, fortunately, give you some vague hints about where the king is.

King Dorephan's possible hideout
Lulu Lake is the region where you can find King Dorephan.

During the quest, you’ll discover that King Dorephan is somewhere between Ploymus Mountain and Zora’s Domain, in a secret cave concealed behind a waterfall.

After that, you have to explore each waterfall. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Lulu Lake and turn toward the waterfall there to continue.
  2. Now, look to the left side where you’ll see a little opening rather than going behind it.
  3. To get to the Pristine Sanctum, just pass through there.
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The Bottom Line

King Dorephan is hiding for a number of reasons as he is worried about the safety of his people.

To find him, you must eavesdrop on the children in the royal hall, dive under the cascade, and explore the cavern

By hiding in the Tears of the Kingdom, he is not only protecting himself from Ganon’s influence but also preserving the hope and legacy of Hyrule.

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