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How To Use Perplexity AI? A Complete Guide

Perplexity AI, founded in 2022, is a search interface that uses OpenAI’s GPT model and Microsoft Bing to answer your queries.

Therefore, if you are paused in Perplexity, you can use Perplexity AI to free you from any perplexes.

You can use Perplexity AI easily from its website or download its iPhone version from your App Store. It can be used for answering FAQs, summarizing texts, forecasting the weather, research purposes and customer service.

Read on to learn more about the features and limitations of Perplexity AI and its potential uses.

What Is Perplexity AI?

Perplexity AI is a conversational answer engine powered by Artificial Intelligence, large language models and search engines.

It can deliver accurate answers to complex queries, answer follow-up questions, and provide real-time information.

Furthermore, it references the sources from which it obtains the information, making it more reliable.

introduction to perplexity ai
Perplexity AI is a conversational answer engine that AI powers.

People are referring to Perplexity AI as ChatGPT with the Internet because it uses the same model as ChatGPT and has access to the Internet.

Read on to learn about the comparison of ChatGPT and Perplexity AI and the character limit of ChatGPT.

Features Of Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is not a new technology in providing a chatbot interface in its search engine.

ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing also provide human-like conversation and a search engine interface.

However, it is packed with some unique and exciting features. Some of its features are listed below;

  • It provides citations to the results of the queries making it a reliable source.
  • Users do not need to create an account to access it, making it a secure and private platform.
  • It supports the Chrome extension and is also recently available on iPhones.
Perplexity AI is now available in iPhone
Perplexity AI is now available on iPhone.
  • It uses Bird SQL, a Twitter interface that helps you search for tweets mentioning a specific keyword.
  • It can also help you summarize texts, which can be concise or detailed to meet your requirements.
  • You can also ask queries with its voice command feature, which is only available on iPhone.
  • It can connect to the Internet and provide information about the weather and product recommendations.

Limitations Of Perplexity AI

Even though it is high-performing and efficient, certain limitations of this AI should be considered.

Here are a few limitations of Perplexity AI;

  • Highly sensitive to vocabulary size; the Perplexity score increases with increased words.
  • It can lead to inaccuracy during the evaluation of rare or out-of-vocabulary words.
  • It can improve its text-generation capability and be more conversational.
  • Sometimes, glitches in Bird SQL can be observed.
  • It is a text-based interface; therefore, it cannot generate images.
Learn more to discover if ChatGPT can create images.

How To Use Perplexity AI?

You can access Perplexity AI easily from its website or download its iPhone version from your App Store.

For PC users, follow the steps below to use it.

  1. Search for “” in your browser.
  2. Enter your queries in the “Ask anything..” section.
asking prompt to Perplexity AI
Go to the Perplexity AI website and start using it to boost your productivity.
  1. Now, you can review answers and view the citation or sources of the answers.
  2. You can also ask for a follow-up question to your queries.
asking follow up questions
You can review answers and view the citation or sources of the answers.

If you want the iPhone version, search in your browser as “” and download it.

Also, it is readily available in the App Store for iPhone.

Perplexity AI in iPhone
You can use and download Perplexity on iPhone as well.

Furthermore, you can also use it as an extension of your browser.

You can follow the steps below to add it as an extension.

  1. Go to the website, click “Add To Chrome,” and select Add the Extension.
  2. Now, you can use it as an extension on your browser.
Perplexity AI as Chrome Extension
You can use Perplexity AI as a Chrome extension.

What Are The Uses Of Perplexity AI?

You can use the search engine of the Perplexity AI in different ways. Some of them are listed below.

1. Answering FAQs

You can use this AI to answer FAQs and view “Popular Now” questions.

FAQs and popular now questions
You can use it to view popular now questions.

It is not specifically designed to answer FAQs but can generate content for frequently asked questions.

Furthermore, the “Popular Now” section is optimized to generate questions according to your previous searches and location.

2. Summarizing Texts

Perplexity AI helps summarize the contents it generates. It has an inbuilt feature of viewing concise or detailed views of the answers.

summarizing contents
It can summarize the contents it generates.

The “View Concise” feature will summarize the content it generates, and the “View Detailed” will provide long and detailed content.

3. Forecasting And Web Scraping Tool

Perplexity AI has access to the Internet to provide weather forecasts.

Weather forecasting
It can be used to forecast weather.

Furthermore, it scraps data from different websites and provides you with concise answers to your queries.

4. Research Purposes

You can use Perplexity AI to gather information for your research projects.

Research using Perplexity AI

Furthermore, you can use the links of the websites in the citations to get resources for your research.

The citations and references to the sources make it a reliable research platform.

5. Customer Service

Many business companies can use in service of customers to provide quick responses to their queries.

Perplexity AI supports large language models like GPT, which can analyze customers’ queries and provide relatable answers.

6. Personal Assistant

People can use it for daily purposes as a personal assistant.

Simple questions like finding routes, checking the weather or looking for a recipe can provide answers quickly.

Perplexity AI as a Personal assistant
Perplexity AI can be used as a Personal assistant.

The Bottom Line

Perplexity AI is an excellent search engine mainly designed as a web scraping tool.

Besides scraping websites for information, it is used for answering FAQs, summarizing texts, forecasting weather and many more.

Furthermore, using the GPT model, it can understand and answer queries conversationally.

Read on to learn how to code using ChatGPT and save and share your conversations in ChatGPT.
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