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Vampire Survivors Bat Country Question Mark: Secret Background Feature

In the Vampire Survivors, Bat Country is a chilling challenge stage but what does question mark represent?

Its name alone sends shivers down the spine, and its enigmatic features raise more questions than answers.

What lies beyond the darkness? Why do three mysterious pressure plates beckon to the curious? And what secrets do the relics hold?

Continue reading to explore Bat Country, how to unlock it, its relics and items.

Bat Country In Vampire Survivors

Bat Country is a challenging stage in Vampire Survivors, themed around bats, the main enemies you will encounter.

1. Waves Of Bats

Bat Country lives up to its name. The stage is infested with bat creatures, including unique variants of the notorious Pipeestrello.

However, these winged foes swoop down from the darkness, their eyes glowing with hunger.

2. Secret Background Feature

In Vampire Survivors Bat Country, the question mark is a feature that appears on the map near the merchant.

Generally, this question mark indicates the presence of three buttons labeled A, B, and C.

One can press these question marks to toggle the background elements of the stage.

However, the purpose of the question mark in Bat Country Vampire Survivors is unknown.

bat country question mark
A Reddit post on Bat Country question mark in Vampire Survivors.

3. Escalating Challenge

As time passes, the enemies grow stronger; their health and speed multipliers increase.

As a result, each wave is more dangerous than the last, use quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

4. The XP Penalty

Bat Country imposes a -75% XP bonus, meaning you collect less experience here.

However, true vampire survivors seek glory, not just experience points.

5. Forbidden Relics

Orologion and Nduja Fritta Tanto cannot drop from light sources in Bat Country.

However, the stage guards its secrets fiercely.

6. Hyper Mode Bonuses

For those seeking greater rewards, the hyper mode for Bat Country grants +80% Gold and a +10% Luck bonus.

But beware, the stakes are higher, and the shadows grow darker.

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How To Unlock Bat Country In Vampire Survivors?

Unlocking Bat Country in Vampire Survivors is a pivotal achievement for daring adventurers.

Thus, to unlock Bat Country, you have two options:

1. Reach Level 80

Reach level 80 in Inverse Mad Forest, a special version of the Mad Forest stage.

However, you can access it by collecting Garcia’s Mirror, a relic that can be found in the Eudaimonia Machine.

2. Use Secrets Menu

Type “recycletheforest” in the secrets menu, a hidden feature.

Significantly, you can access it by clicking on the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane in the main menu.

bat country vampire survivors
Bat Country is a challenging stage in Vampire Survivors.

Stage Items For Bat Country In Vampire Survivors

In Bat Country, stage items are crucial in aiding or challenging vampire survivors.

1. Sun Atlantean

This is a powerful enemy that guards the Gold Ring stage item.

The Gold Ring is a passive that increases the number of enemies that spawn per wave by 20, up to a maximum of 100.

The Sun Atlantean has 30,000 HP, 50 power, and 200 movement speed.

Generally, it resists freeze, instant kill effects, debuffs, and knockback.

However, it does not despawn but teleports back to the player if it leaves the screen.

2. Yellow Sign

This relic permanently allows the player to detect hidden items in all stages and unlocks some secret characters and events.

However, one can find the Yellow Sign in Holy Forbidden, a secret stage.

Thus, access it by defeating the boss of Moongolow with a non-secret character.

 Alternatively, the Yellow Sign can be unlocked by typing “ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit” in the secrets menu.

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Relics For Bat Country In Vampire Survivors

Generally, two relics are hidden within Bat Country; each appears at the center of a large square of Diamonds and vanishes after a minute. 

1. Apoplexy

This permanently unlocks the Charm power-up.

Significantly, it increases the number of enemies that spawn per wave by 20 per rank, up to a maximum of 100.

You can find Apoplexy at minute 9:00 in Bat Country, near the player at the center of a large square of Diamonds.

Alternatively, type “tengillesbalm” in the secrets menu to unlock it.

2. Chaos Malachite

This permanently allows Mortaccio, the playable skeleton character.

Further, you can morph into a Goshadokuro, a giant skeleton, upon reaching level 80.

One can find Chaos Malachite at minute 18:00 in Bat Country, near the player at the center of a large square of Diamonds.

Alternatively, unlock Chaos Malachite by typing “gottagofast” in the secrets menu.

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