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11 Effective Ways to Improve Gaming Room Aesthetics

Gaming is not just about sitting on a couch and jostling with your PlayStation console, but a complete experience to take your mind off and indulge in competitive gaming.

Therefore, gaming room aesthetics relieves stress and focuses your visual and cognitive attention on gaming.

No wonder some serious gamers spend around $3,000 to build a dedicated gaming room.

Improve your gaming room aesthetics by vamping up gaming room furniture and ambient and accent lighting, adding an entertainment center or home theater, soundproofing the space, and creating intuitive wall decor.

Gaming room for two
Gaming room with separate desks (Source: Reddit)

However, improving gaming space aesthetics does not always have to be expensive.

Read on to find some best yet affordable ways to improve gaming room aesthetics.

11 Effective Ways to Improve Gaming Room Aesthetics in 2024

There are numerous ways to improve indoor aesthetics, from choosing the right wall color to a specific piece of accessory.

Here are eleven handpicked yet proven ways to improve your gaming room aesthetics.

1. Choose Right Wall Color

Selecting the correct wall color for your gaming room will enhance its decor and help elevate your mood.

However, choosing the perfect wall color for the gaming room can be tricky because it looks very different from other rooms in the House.

Blue Wall Color for Home Office
Blue Wall Color for Home Office (Source: Unsplash)

Here are a few ways to pick the right color for your gaming room wall.

  • Do not pick the wall color first; determine the color of your furnishing and equipment to find the right match.
  • For darker furnishings, choose a lighter color wall shade to create a contrast and vice versa.
  • Stick with neutral wall shades so your gaming console and furnishing can pop out from the wall.
  • Stick to flat color like matte that produces less shine when illuminated, which helps prevent reflections and glare from RGB lighting.
  • Choose one color for the focal or accent wall, such as the wall behind the gaming station, and a different color for other divisions, which helps make a wall pop out from the rest.

Always go with your feeling. Choose a lighter shade if you want something soothing and a darker shade for a more positive effect.

Generally, whites make any space look more enormous and calm, while warm colors create a sense of intimacy and high energy.

Here is a brief guide to choosing the shade.

Productive ColorsSectors
1. RedIncrease productivity in physical works
2. BlueIncrease maximum focus in administrative tasks
3.YellowMaximize efficiency for innovator and entrepreneur
4. GreenBest for calmness in any sector and also promotes physical fitness.

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Tips to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Color for a Gaming Room

Always follow the simple 60-30-10 rule to find the perfect balance.

6060% of your room will have the same color, primarily neutral tones like beige, cream, pastel, white, or aqua blue.
3030% of the shade should create a contrast to otherwise dominating wall colors. It would come from upholstery, drawers, and decorations.
1010% of the color should create visual interest, such as accent color.

2. Ambient Lighting to Brighten the Interior

Gaming is an ethereal experience, as is the room’s ambient lighting.

Choosing the suitable ambient or fill lighting creates a beautiful experience and helps keep you productive.

Exposure to blue light disrupts sleep
Exposure to blue light disrupts sleep (Source: Unsplash)

Most home offices utilize natural light as an ambient light source, but not in gaming rooms.

Too much brightness may interfere with the visuals and ruin your gaming experience.

Therefore, always choose one overhead lighting that enhances the gaming mood and another light that illuminate the space when you are not gaming.

Gaming sessions usually run long; hence, choose ambient lighting that is slightly dim to ease your vision.

  • GE Ultrabrite Dimmable Sconce LED may provide the ambient for gaming with its adjustable brightness.
  • Design House 587261 is a flush mount light appropriate for brighter illumination when you are not gaming.
  • Consider installing wall scones to create a unique lighting texture. These can easily be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

3. Use Targeted RGB Lighting

RGB light fixture used as targeted lighting helps add a layer to the ambient lighting and create the mood.

Leveling up the lighting will help add personality and create spotlight effects that you usually find in the YouTube video of streamers.

RGB Lighting
RGB Lighting (Source: Unsplash)

The RGB lighting should be targeted to complement the gaming room but overwhelm it.

Here are a few ideas for targeted RGB lighting.

Gaming Room LightsFeatures
Laser lightsLaser light adds vibrant RGB colors to your gaming room. Choose from small to larger laser beam lights
SkylightsSkylight generates patterns of the star-filled night sky, galaxies, and asteroids in different variations
Fan lightsFanlight is appropriate for cooling consoles and computers. Choose fan light with RGB lighting
Projection lights Projection light adds the layer and ambiance to an existing gaming room lighting
Strip lightsTo enhance the decor and highlight sections of the gaming room

LED strips, desk lights, and even disco lights may better fit the room decoration.

However, remember that RGB spectral deflections will strain the eyes when gaming for longer. Therefore, balance the ambient and RGB lighting to find a perfect mix.

4. Greenery to Rejuvenate Your Mood

The atmosphere provided by greenery is irreplaceable regarding indoor air and decor.

Adding crisp, fresh air will help reduce stress and anxiety caused by air-borne toxins such as toluene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide emitted by electrical devices.

Adorable desk plant
Adorable desk plant (Source: Unsplash)

A study by Nursery and Garden reports that houseplants help reduce anxiety by 37%, anger by 44%, fatigue by 38%, and depression by 58%.

Another research indicates that adding a plant to an indoor space can increase happiness and productivity by 15%.

However, it would help to be wary about your chosen plant species. For an indoor gaming room, you should opt for houseplants that do well in low light and still cleanse indoor air.

Here are a few indoor plant options for your gaming room.

Cast Iron PlantThey are slow-growing plants that are perfect for decoration on work desks.
DracaenaBes air-purifying houseplant that helps to increase concentration
BromeliadThey are great at removing toxic chemicals and pollutants from the air.
Spider Planta low-maintenance plant that helps cleanse indoor air and does well in low light
Pink SyngoniumAlmost every Syngonium species is suitable for homes. They help cleanse air and add decor.
Snake PlantThey effectively cleanse benzene and trichloroethylene from the air and great low-light plants.
Peace LilyA low-maintenance house plant that promotes home decor and restful sleep.
Lucky BambooIt is great at cleaning the air

5. Soundproofing the Unit

Although soundproofing a room does not directly help improve the gaming room’s decor, it will maintain the aesthetics.

Soundproofing your gaming room will help maintain the decorum of the unit, which is vital for audile aesthetics.

All the screeching car wheels on asphalt or continuous gunfire in PUBG can produce a lot of noise that could disturb your family members and neighbors.

By locking the sound in, nobody would knock on your door to keep the noise down. Paneling the door and window with rubber lining can help soundproof any indoor unit.

You can buy acoustic foam from Amazon to insulate your walls and corners.

The acoustic foam does not stop a sound but absorbs or reduces echo within the room to attain minimal noise effect.

6. Adding an Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Buying a comfortable and stylish gaming chair is one way to elevate your gaming room aesthetics.

You should undoubtedly invest in a comfortable gaming chair, but why not get one that adds to the decor?

Some gaming chairs make you feel like you are sitting in a cockpit or behind the Lamborghini, which is their exact purpose.

They are specially made from patented race car seat material with plush cushions and leathery covers to make them appear stylish.

Moreover, they are very comfortable to sit on for hours and come in various color ranges to match your gaming table or console.

Here are a few recommendations for a stylish gaming chair.

Gaming ChairSpecificationImage
DXRacer Formula Series NewedgeIt boasts an ergonomic design with patented race car seat material for additional comfort
RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing StyleA reclining gaming chair with plush removable headrest pillow and sides
Hbada Gaming ChairGaming chair with height-adjustable headrest and lumbar support

7. Aesthetic Gaming Desk Setup

When adding a gaming desk, consider refurbishing it to match your gaming room or game theme.

Installing RGB light is one most effective ways to upgrade the gaming desk aesthetic without a significant renovation.

  • Consider installing LED lighting strips on the desk. You can choose from blue, green, orange, neon, or a combination of many different colors and a rainbow,
Colored fans
Colored fans (Source: Amazon)
  • Using Eddison’s bulb will also help achieve a unique aesthetic appeal.
  • Consider colored fans and lighting panels that switch colors with the change in music, rhythm, or beat may also work.
  • Otherwise, you can always approach table lamps that may do the trick.

Read more to find out; whether you should get a gaming desk for your home office.

8. Adding Entertainment Center or Home Theater

The gaming room is not just for gaming; you can use it to watch sports with your friends or even invite your date for a lovely movie night.

It can also serve as a cozy place to binge-watch your favorite series. Therefore, adding a wide-screen TV will cover your entertainment center.

Gaming station
Gaming station with entertainment center (Source: Unsplash)

The tv set installed just above the gaming center will add to the decor and help improve the aesthetics.

Here are a few entertainment center recommendations for you.

Ultra-Wide MonitorSpecificationImage
Sceptre 35-Inch Curved Ultrawide MonitorThe 35" inch curved display with 3440 x 1440 QHD frameless AMD Free sync HDMI Display Port Up to 100Hz.
SAMSUNG CJ890 Ultra-wide MonitorThe 49” ultra-wide screen boasts 3840 x 1080 QHD with a 144Hz refresh rate.
LG 29WN600-W21:9 ultra-wide monitor with 2560 x 1080 display and 3-side virtually borderless design

However, a TV screen would not suffice if you want to add a home theater.

Therefore, consider scaling your audio by installing a surround sound system for a full theater experience.

Sound SystemSpecificationImage
Klipsch Black Reference Theater5.1 Surround Sound System delivers a superior acoustic performance.
iLive 5.1 Home Theater SystemBluetooth wall-mountable speakers, 26" speaker with 4 satellite speakers
Logitech Z906Surround sound speaker with DTS soundtrack and subwoofer
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9. Adding Wall Decor for Art and Collectibles

Why not spice up your gaming room by utilizing the empty wall space?

Adding wall decors such as storage shelves for collectibles and plants and wall art can be the most effective way to zest up your wall.

Wall art home office
Wall art concepts (Source: Homemydesign)

Storage units such as shelves, wall counters, floating shelves, etc., come in handy to display collectibles and merchandise.

Collectibles such as sneakers, sports trophies, antiques, comic books, etc., are better suited for display on the walls.

If you are a severe gamer or merchandise collector, your wall decor can reflect several of your favorite characters and games.

Aside from hanging shelves and wall art, consider lining the walls with curtains and wallpaper based on anime, cartoons, or game themes.

Decorating the wall is also a good idea to cover the flawed area in the room.

10. Invest in Cool Accessories

Who says gaming rooms are only meant for gaming and should be dark-themed?

Not necessarily! You can always decorate your gaming room to express your feelings.

One best way to enhance your gaming room aesthetics is by decorating the room with cool accessories.

Neon light for wall
Neon light for the wall (source: Unsplash)

Here are a few examples.

You can organize the room set up to facilitate any manner of gaming; hence, it is a good idea to stack up in board games such as Monopoly, Rummy, Poker, etc.

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11. Gaming Room Plan

Let’s finish the list by discussing balancing your room plan so nothing looks odd or overwhelming.

Many homeowners do not build their houses with a dedicated gaming room in their mind; therefore, customizing any room to make a perfect gaming space can be challenging.

A. Consider Traffic and Free Zones

Start with deciding on a layout for all the items because it will take up the most space.

Usually, a single or two-person gaming should measure 64 sq. ft. to 120 sq. ft.

Similarly, you should free up space to easily walk around the room while making space for a gaming desk, chair, equipment, and storage shelves.

Gaming room size
Gaming room size (Source: PlanYourRoom)

B. Consider Minimalist Design

Minimalism is the key to achieving the best room layout for a small gaming room.

Skip on the large entertainment center, cabinets, mini-fridge, and bean bag, if you find them difficult to fit.

C. Create Focal Points

Every gaming room has a focal point; an accent wall, a gaming center, an entertainment center, a wall with collectibles, etc.

Creating a focal point will help enhance the decor and scale up your indoor aesthetics.

D. Create Lighting Balance

The ambient lighting should not overwhelm the focus or RGB lighting. Both should work together to create a good ambiance.

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Improving your gaming room aesthetics can be fun and exciting, but avoid making costly mistakes.

Avoid putting too much paint on the walls and amassing items you do not have space to keep.

Consider your average gaming room size based on the number of users to prevent creating a crowded space.

Remember to choose the layout and furnishings before improving your gaming room.

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