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Lies Of P: Walker Of Illusions Weakness

One of the enemies you will encounter in Lies of P is the Walker of Illusions, among many other bosses.

However, this mini-boss with dual blades has some specific weaknesses, and you can use some strategies to make the fight easier.

The Walker of Illusion encountered in Collapsing Krat does have weaknesses. Some of them are running on circular paths and short-range swings.

In this article, you will learn about the Walker Of Illusion, her weakness, and her strategy to defeat the boss.

Who Is Walker Of Illusions?

Walker of Illusion is one of the optional mini-bosses encountered in the Collapsing Krat area.

You can find her at the top of the collapsed Workshop Tower.

walker of illusion lies of p
Walker of Illusion is a mini-boss encountered in the composing Krat area.

The mini-boss can duplicate herself in the middle of the battle.

Given the nature of the boss, you can decide whether to fight against her.

Does Walker Of Illusions Have Any Weakness?

Everyone’s character and bosses have some weakness.

In the same way, mini-boss, too, has a few weaknesses and they are:

  • Walker of illusion has a circular arc path attack. So, she has a predictable path of attack. Due to this reason, she runs in the circular path for her fury attack.
  • Keeping this in mind, you may get a proper chance to attack her if you stay behind her.
  • Mini-Boss has a short range of swings of Meele, and her swings will miss entirely. Therefore, she won’t be able to attack if someone stays aside or close to her.
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How To Defeat The Walker Of Illusions?

Fighting against the Walker of Illusion, aka mini-boss, is optional, so you can decide whether you want to battle against the mini-boss.

Despite this, you must note that it won’t be an easy fight. Indeed, it is not as hard as the battle against The Green Monster Of Swamp.

Though fighting against her is easy, you need better strategy and proper attention to defeat her.

As you know, you will encounter her in the indoor room confined to small spaces, and battling against them becomes more difficult than it should be.

Like most battles, Walker Of Illusion also goes through two phases. The second fight is not that different from the first fight.

Once you know how to tackle her in the first fight, you will surely overcome her in the second fight, too.

You must pay attention to her duplicate, which will appear and start attacking when mini boss health drops to 50%.

The fight against the mini-boss concludes in two phases. They are:

1. Phase One

To be prepared for this fight, remember that this enemy is swift to face and use two swords to attack you.

The arena is confined, with less space to battle against, which makes this more complex.

Due to this reason, you cannot keep more distance from the Walker of Illusion.

Battling against mini boss
Battling against mini-boss in a confined spaced room.

Even if you manage some distance between you and the mini-boss, she will use her main strength, speed, to dash at you very quickly.

Unlike other bosses, the strategy to keep distance distance from the enemy is not a good idea. So you should stay as close as possible to the boss.

The main reason to stay close to the boss is that you can dodge his sword attack more quickly than her dash attack.

Most of her attacks will be missed if you can utilize this trick of staying close.

Dodge the attack of the sword that has a broader radius so that you won’t get damaged.

Furthermore, the mini-boss makes an attack that sees him jump, trying to create distance and land the most vicious attack.

Therefore, try staying close and attack when you get the opportunity.

2. Phase Two

The second phase starts when you take down half of the Walker Of Illusion Health potion.

At this time, mini-boss duplicates itself by jumping away from you and doing a little spin.

Walker of Illusion duplicating
Walker of Illusion duplicating herself doing a little spin.

The Duplicated Boss, too, has its health bar, which is much shorter than the original mini-boss.

The best idea is to deal as much damage to the mini-boss while doing a little spin to duplicate itself.

As long as the duplicate boss is alive, the mini-boss will become passive and rarely attack you.

Hence, taking down the duplicate boss following the same trick as you did in phase one is better.

Once you defeat the duplicate boss, the mini-boss will return to the arena for the battle and follow the same what you did in phase one.

After you defeat the Walker Of Illusion, you will get Legion Caliber and Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant as a reward.

walker of illusion lies of p
Received Legion Caliber and Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant after defeating Walker of Illusion.

The Bottom Line

The Walker of Illusions is one of the many challenges that Lies of P offers to players who are looking for a thrilling and immersive experience.

The main weakness of the mini-boss is her circular path, which causes less damage when she stays closer, and Speed is her strength.

Players should be able to overcome this mini-boss and get a Legion Caliber and a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant as rewards.

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