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How To Complete Shadowheart Parents Quest In BG3?

Shadowheart is a Half-Elf Cleric whose allegiance lies with the goddess Shar, representing the darker aspects of life.

As an origin character, she brings her unique story and personality to the game.

In BG3, you can complete Shadowheart’s  Parent quest by exploring the Underdark, confronting Nightsong, challenging Sharran forces, and deciding in the Chamber of Loss.

This article will discuss who Shadowheart is and how to complete her parents’ quest in BG3.

Who Is Shadowheart In BG3?

Shadowheart is a devoted Cleric of Shar on a mission to deliver a powerful relic to her coven in Baldur’s Gate.

She’s the sole survivor of a holy mission, her memories erased as part of a sacred ritual.

Shadowheart Baldur's Gate 3
Shadowheart is a Half-Elf Cleric with an evil side, with Shar as her goddess.

Her loyalty to her goddess and her determination to complete her mission drive her actions.

Similarly, she possesses skill proficiencies in insight and religion.

Moreover, she’s proficient in both the light and medium Armor and  Shields.

Firther, the Half-elf and trickery domain Cleric use weapons like Morningstars, Spears, Pikes, Halberds, and Glaives.

How To Complete Shadowheart Parents Quest In BG3?

To complete Shadowheart’s companion quest Daughter of Darkness in BG3 and find closure for her parents, follow these steps:

1. Enter The Underdark

In Act 2, you will venture into the Underdark region near the Blighted Village.

Underdark is one of the important locations of the game consisting of various sub-areas, missions and loads of precious items.

This is also the place where you’ll unravel Shadowheart’s past and her connection to Shar.

2. Navigate The Gauntlet Of Shar

As you delve deeper and explore the Underdark, you’ll encounter the Gauntlet Of Shar.

This area contains various trials that test those who enter it.

Gauntlet of Shar BG3
Progress through the trials to enter the Gauntlet of Shar as part of the quest.

3. Meet The Nightsong

During your journey through the Gauntlet of Shar, you will confront the Nightsong, a significant character in Shadowheart’s past.

Additionally, you can choose to fight or spare Nightsong, which will affect Shadowheart’s relationship with Shar.

4. Learn The Truth

Shadowheart will unravel the truth about her identity following the confrontation.

Moreover, you’ll learn that she was once a Selunite who was taken away from her family by the followers of Shar and conditioned to serve Shar’s interests.

5. Confront The Mother Superior

Proceed further into the quest line, leading you to the House of Grief.

Here, you’ll confront the Mother Superior and the Sharran forces.

6. Discover The Chamber Of Loss

After dealing with the Sharran forces, Shadowheart learns that her parents are kept within the Chamber of Loss.

Similarly, Shadowheart faces a challenging decision in the Chamber of Loss.

How To Save Shadowheart Parents?

To save Shadowheart’s parents in the quest Daughter of Darkness, follow these steps:

  1. Play through the Daughter of Darkness questline, which is part of Shadowheart’s companion quest.
  2. As you progress through the quest, you will eventually reach the Chamber of Loss.
  3. You will face a difficult decision in the Chamber of Loss.
  4. Here, Shadowheart will have to choose between two options:
  • Free Her Parents’ Souls: Choosing this option means allowing her parents’ souls to be released and reunited with her. 
  • Let Their Souls Rest: This choice involves letting her parents’ souls rest, severing her ties with Shar once and for all. 
  1. Select the option that aligns with your desired outcome for Shadowheart.  
  2. Once you choose, you will witness the quest’s conclusion. The outcome will depend on your decision in the Chamber of Loss.

Should You Free Shadowheart’s Parents Or Not?

Choosing either of the options will have consequences in future events while engaging in Shar event

If players try to free Shadowheart’s parents, their companion must bear the cost.

Shadowheart will be infected with the curse till the end of the game unless players find a solution.

Also, her mother will suffer from memory issues but still offers a wisdom divine.

If players let the Shadowheart’s parents’ souls rest in Shar’s event, she will have control of all the Judiciars and be part of the players.

The parents will be separated from the goddess of worship as a result.

Thankfully, Shadowheart will forget about her parents, and she will also gain more abilities.

On the other hand in the Selune path, if players decide to let go of their parents, they will become moonmotes.

Shadowheart confronts her mother.

However, all of her curses will be lifted so she won’t have to suffer till the endgame but carry the guilt within her.

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The Bottom Line

As a Half-Elf Acolyte, Shadowheart’s journey is deeply intertwined with the player’s choices.

The Daughter of Darkness questline is a centerpiece for Shadowheart’s development.

It poses profound moral dilemmas and forces players to confront the consequences of their decisions.

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