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Oni Prime Ephemera: Customize Your Ephemera Style In Warframe

Warframe is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes.

Moreover, it is known for its fast-paced, fluid combat, combining shooting, melee, and parkour elements.

The Oni Prime Ephemera is a special effect that can be put on your Warframe to make it have a tail, which can be bought from the Warframe market.

Continue reading to learn about Oni Prime Ephemera and how to get it in Warframe.

What Is Ephemera In Warframe?

In Warframe, Ephemera is a particular type of cosmetic item that adds unique visual effects to your character.

Things like flames, energy, or even a monster’s appearance, like the Oni Prime Ephemera, make your character’s body look cooler.

However, some Ephemera are subtle, while others are flashy and over-the-top.

Moreover, Ephemera can be obtained from the Warframe store.

You can also get it as a reward from specific missions or events, and from Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos.

Some of the examples of Ephemera are:

  • A cloud of smoke surrounds your Warframe.
  • A pair of glowing wings that sprout from your back.
  • A swirling vortex of energy around your Operator.
  • A trail of fire that follows your Warframe as you move.

What Is Oni Prime Ephemera?

Oni Prime Ephemera is a cosmetic item in Warframe that gives your Warframe a tail.

Additionally, it is a prime item, meaning it is rare and powerful.

the oni prime ephemera is a rare and powerful item that is a great way to add a touch of personality
The Oni Prime Ephemera is a powerful item that adds a touch of personality.

It was released as part of the Grendel Prime Access pack but can now be purchased separately from the Warframe market.

Hence, the Oni Prime Ephemera is a versatile item that can be matched with various fashion frames.

How To Get Oni Prime Ephemera?

To get the Oni Prime Ephemera in Warframe, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your in-game Market; you can find the Oni Prime Ephemera on your ship’s Orbiter.
  2. Use the search bar or browse the categories in the Market, but you can usually find them in the Cosmetics or Attachments section.
  3. Once you locate the Oni Prime Ephemera, select it to view the details, and you’ll have the option to purchase it with Platinum.
  4. Ensure you have enough Platinum, then confirm the purchase and add the item to your inventory.
  5. To equip the Ephemera, go to your Warframe’s Arsenal.
  6. Navigate to the Appearance tab.
  7. Under Attachments, you’ll find the Ephemera section.
  8. Then, equip the Oni Prime Ephemera.

Remember that you may also have the option to purchase it as part of a bundle or pack, so check for any available deals.

Additionally, you can purchase the Grendel Prime Accessories Pack from the Warframe store, which includes the following:

  • The Oni Prime Ephemera
  • Sumbha Prime Syandana
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster
  • 90-Day Resource Booster

Furthermore, you can also purchase it separately for 70 platinum.

The Bottom Line

The Oni Prime Ephemera is rewarded for specific missions or events.

If you have another Warframe item someone is looking for, you can trade with them.

Additionally, you can also receive it from a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos, who has a chance to drop it when defeated.

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