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Navigating The Warframe Netracell Mission

In Warframe, players are encountering several unique challenges and unexpected bugs during the latest Netracell mission.

However several Warframe enthusiasts have reported the puzzling issue while playing the Netracell alert level.

In Warframe, most players face issues related to the Netracell mission bugs such as getting stuck at a certain percentage, incorrect spawn locations, drones being invulnerable, and so on.

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Warframe: An Overview Of Netracell Mission

In this new update of Warframe, the game has introduced a weekly mission quest for the players, Netracell.

Similarly, players can access this mission by visiting the Sanctum Anatomica hub on Deimos.

The Netracell mission is a crucial part of the Whispers in the Walls update, providing prayers and a unique set of challenges.

Likewise, during this mission, players must navigate through the Necralisk on Deimos, where they have to face the enemy called The Murmur.

Netracell In Warframe
A player is involved in completing the Netracell Mission in Warframe.

Moreover, the main objective of this mission is to secure the Netracells which is extremely valuable.

Also, players have to find and destroy the Necramine drone to complete and progress through the quest.

The Netracell mission is challenging where players encounter formidable enemies with limited respawns.

However, several players have reported that they are experiencing unexpected issues while completing this mission.

Issues During The Netracell Mission In Warframe

Several players have reported that they have encountered several issues while completing the Netracell Mission.

While looking at the gaming communities, most players are experiencing the issues in the middle of the quest.

The report states that the progress bar is getting stuck at 68% and players are not being able to continue the game.

Searching The Netracell
A player is searching the Netracell in the Warframe.

Moreover, some players have stated that they are unable to find the drones to destroy them and complete the mission.

Also, several players have shared their frustrations regarding the lack of clarity in the quest objectives.

Thus, several players have abandoned the quest due to the persistent bugs and unresponsive elements.

Encountering this bug frustrates the players and hurts their overall gaming experience.

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Netracell Bug Report And Its Hotfixes

As players have expressed concerns about the bugs related to the Netracell mission, the Warframe community has shown concern. 

Similarly, after players reported issues like incorrect spawn locations, and invulnerable drones, the warframe community responded.

The Developers of the Warframe have assured the users that they are releasing the hotfixes to address this concern.

Moreover, the game has already released the hotfixes regarding the concerned issues and one of the most recent versions is 35.0.1.

By downloading this hotfix, players can fix their issues like random spawn locations, waypoint range, and Necramine drone’s invulnerability.

This latest hotfix has also brought various changes and fixes to the overall Whispers in the Walls Quest.

The game has made adjustments to the game animation, and sound enhancements and removed unnecessary scripts.

Thus downloading this hotfix from its official website can prevent these issues ensuring a smoother experience for its players.

The Bottom Line

Players can engage in the exciting and challenging quest by partaking in the Netracell mission in Warframe.

Similarly, most of the players have reported several bugs while trying to play this mission.

Likewise, the game has provided the hotfix to address the several bugs and issues that have been reported.

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