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What Do Mooshrooms Eat In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players can come across various types of mobs, passive and aggressive. However, one of the passive mobs players come across is the Mooshroom.

Players in Minecraft can come across two different types of Mooshrooms. However, both Mooshrooms seem to eat different types of food. The Red Mooshroom prefers Wheat, while the Brown Mooshroom prefers Flowers and wheat. Moreover, Brown Mooshrooms seems to provide the players with a buff from its milk. 

Continue reading to learn where you can find the Mooshrooms and what special buffs players can obtain from the Mooshrooms in Minecraft.

What Are Mooshrooms In Minecraft?

Mooshrooms are a hybrid mix of a Cow and a Mushroom, a passive mob in Minecraft. Additionally, the players can find two types of Mooshrooms.

Furthermore, Mooshrooms look like ordinary cows in shape and size. Players can come across two types of Mooshrooms, A Red Mooshroom and A Brown Mooshroom

In-Game Model of Red Mooshroom
In-Game Model of Red Mooshroom

A Red Mooshroom has red mushrooms on its head and back, while A Brown Mooshroom has brown mushrooms on its head and back.

Furthermore, Mooshrooms’ eyes are completely black, unlike regular cows with black and white eyes. However, Mooshrooms have the same health points as cows. 

In-Game Model Of Brown Mooshroom.
In-Game Model 0f Brown Mooshroom

Where Can You Find Mooshrooms In Minecraft?

Players can find Mooshrooms naturally in the wild; however, they can only find Red Mooshrooms naturally.

Furthermore, to obtain a Brown Mooshroom, a bolt of lightning needs to strike the Red Mooshroom.

However, players should not shear the Mooshrooms as it will become a regular cow when they shear.

The player will obtain five mushrooms of the type of Mooshroom they shear.

Furthermore, players can use a trident to convert Red Mooshroom into a Brown Mooshroom because a trident guarantees a lightning strike.

Both Types Of Mooshrooms.
Minecraft contains two types of Mooshrooms.

What Do Mooshrooms Eat In Minecraft?

Players can only feed Wheat to Red Mooshrooms and Wheat and any kind of flower to Brown Mooshrooms.

Furthermore, if players feed Brown Mooshrooms with flowers, the Brown Mooshroom will allow the player to milk it and provides a Suspicious Stew.

Additionally, the Suspicious Stew gives the player an effect when the player consumes it.

Here is a list of effects the stew provides for the flower the Brown Mooshroom eats;

Blue OrchidSaturation
AlliumFire Resistance
PoppyNight Vision
CornflowerJump Boost
Azure BluetBlindness
Oxeye DaisyRegeneration
Wither RoseWither
Tulips (Any Color)Weakness
Lily of the ValleyPoison

Moreover, the players can milk the Mooshroom using an empty bucket.

They can craft an empty bucket using 3 Iron Ingots. Here is the recipe to craft an empty bucket.;

  • First, place 1 Iron Ingot in the bottom-middle slot.
  • Then, place the second Iron Ingot in the middle-left slot.
  • Finally, place the third Iron Ingot in the middle-right slot.

This recipe should give the players an empty bucket to milk the Mooshrooms.

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The Bottom Line

Mooshrooms are a rare mob in Minecraft. However, they are one of the most useful mobs to the players as well.

Brown Mooshrooms can provide the players with various effects through the stews.

Additionally, players can create a Brown Mooshroom from a Red Mooshroom, which allows the players to get the stews a lot easier.

Hopefully, this article can give you brief information about what Mooshrooms eat in Minecraft and how to get both Mooshrooms.

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