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Palworld Nature Reserve: Location For Rare Pals

In Palworld, pals are located at different locations, one of which is the Nature Reserve.

Moreover, players will encounter the rarest and most elusive pals in the area.

Nature Reserve is a location in Palworld that is full of the rarest pals and where catching them is against the law. Players require aquatic pals to travel across the sea and to get there. Venturing during the night time would be best as there will be fewer chances of getting caught by police.
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Palworld Nature Reserve: How To Reach?

Palworld consists of different biomes, landscapes, and environments offering diverse challenges and opportunities.

Moreover, while navigating through the different biomes of Palworld, you will encounter various pals.

Likewise, Palworld features a lush and vibrant natural reserve filled with greenery and rare in-game creatures.

Nature reserve consist of all the rarest pals
Nature reserve consist of all the rarest pals.

Nature Reserve in Palworld is the new spot, where players can find the rarest pals and can catch them.

This spot consists the pals who are very hard to find in any other location of the Palworld.

However, to reach the nature reserve in Palworld, you need to go across the water, so players must choose pals who can surf.

Upon navigating through the nature reserve, players must be careful as they might get caught by the police if they break the law.

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How To Find To Rare Pals At Nature Reserve In Palworld.

In Palworld, most of the rare pals can be found in natural reserve areas but capturing them in this area is illegal.

However, navigating through the nature reserve at night would be best as at this time there is less chance of getting caught by police.

Players must make strategic decisions on when and how to embark on their stealthy ventures.

If you decide to venture out during the day, ensure you stay out of the police sight.

Here is a list of rare Pals that players can find and catch in the nature reserve.

1. Foxcicle

Foxcicle Pal is one of the rarest Pal with the Aurora Guide partner skill and drops leather and Ice Organ.

One of the rarest Pal in Palworld
Get level 3 frost protection to catch Forcicle Pal.

Hence, it is best to fight against the pals whose element is Fire as its element type is Ice.

Moreover, this mint blue fox-like pal is useful for cooling purposes in the Palworld.

2. Digtoise

It is Paldeck no. 67 with an orange outer skull that will help you mine rocks in Palworld.

However, its Drill Crusher partner skill allows it to lethally spin its body to crush the enemy or break rocks for players.

3. Lovander

In Palworld, Lovander Pal is the Pladeck no. 69 Pal with the element of Neutral.

However, this pal can be found only in the desert areas of Palworld and is known to be seeking a night of love.

Lovander in the Palworld with a unique appearance.
 Lavender, Paldeck no. 69 Heart Drain ability gives players a life-steal effect.

4. Quivern

Quivern is the Paldeck no.95 Pal which players can ride as a flying mount and will enhance Dragon attacks while mounted.

Moreover, Quivern possesses versatile abilities, including building structures, high-speed transportation, mining, and gathering.

The Bottom Line

Nature reserve is full of rarest pals which is impossible to get in any other location of Palworld.

The journey to the Nature Reserve requires aquatic pals with specialized skills.

Additionally, players must use high-quality spheres to catch these rarest pals in the nature reserve.

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