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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon: What Level Should You Do?

Diablo 4 introduces Nightmare Dungeons, modified versions of regular Dungeons that offer increased difficulty and greater rewards.

These Dungeons require Nightmare Sigils to access, and they come with additional afflictions that make the runs more challenging.

The level of Nightmare Dungeons is based on your character’s gear, power and strength. Also, the enemy level, experience points, and glyph rewards can determine the level of Nightmare Dungeons you should be doing.

This article will discuss the different Nightmare Dungeon tiers and the impact of tier levels on enemy difficulty and rewards.

What Is Nightmare Dungeon Tiers?

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo are grouped into different tiers, determining various things.

Those things include the level of enemies, the amount of experience (XP) gained, and the rewards upon completion.

The Nightmare Siglis used to enter these Dungeons also have their own tier levels.

The higher the tier level, the tougher the enemies and the greater the rewards.

Nightmare Dungeon Tier: Energy Level And XP Gain

When deciding which Nightmare Dungeon tier level to target, it is essential to consider the enemy level.

For efficient XP farming, choosing a tier level where enemies are at least three levels higher than your character is recommended.

Slaying monsters in Nightmare Dunegons is the primary way to earn XP, so facing higher-level enemies will provide more experience.

How To Choose The Right Tier Level For Nightmare Dungeons?

Choosing the right tier level for Nightmare Dungeons depends on your goals, gear, skills and build.

Generally, you want to aim for a tier that is challenging but not impossible for you.

Here are some general guidelines for choosing the right tier level for Nightmare Dungeon.

1. Early Endgame (Level 40-60)

Targeting the Nightmare Dungeon tier levels between 1 and 10 is advisable during this stage.

These tiers will provide a moderate challenge while still granting substantial XP gains.

2. Mid Endgame (Level 60-80)

Aim for Nightmare Dungeon tier levels between 10 and 20 as you progress further.

The enemies will be tougher, but the increased XP rewards will help you level up faster.

3. Late Endgame (Level 80+)

In the later stages of the endgame, you can push yours by attempting Nightmare Dungeon tier levels above 20.

This will provide significant challenges and higher-tier rewards for experienced players.

Additionally, you can explore the ultimate Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4 based on various criteria.

How To Unlock Nightmare Siglis?

To access Nightmare Dungeons, you need Nightmare Siglis. There are three ways to acquire them.

1. Completing Whispers Of The Dead

Certain activities or quests in the game may reward you with Nightmare Siglis.

diablo 4 whispers of the dead nightmare dungeon level
Completing Whispers of the Dead will reward you with Nightmare Siglis.

2. Finding Siglis During Dungeon Runs

While exploring Nightmare Dungeons, you can discover Nightmare Siglis that can be used to access other Dungeons.

Keep an eye out for these valuable items as you progress through the game.

3. Crafting Siglis

You can craft Nightmare Siglis at the Occultist using Gold and Sigil Powder obtained by salvaging other Sigils.

diablo 4 nightmare sigils
Players can access Nightmare Dungeons by using Nightmare Sigils.

This provides another method to acquire the necessary Siglis to enter Nightmare Dungeons.

Read more to discover if higher-tier Nightmare Dungeons give you better loot and its Renown points.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the level of Nightmare Dungeon you should be doing in Diablo 4 depends on your character’s power, gear, and experience.

Aim for a Tier level where the enemies are challenging but manageable, and the rewards are worthwhile.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the Tier level that best suits your playstyle and objectives.

You can progressively tackle higher tier levels as you improve your character and become more familiar with the mechanics.

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