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WoW March Trading Post 2024: Earn Traders Tender And Cosmetics

WoW features a Trading Post that allows you to obtain unique items by completing monthly activities and earning a special currency.

Thus, if you looking for some new and exciting cosmetic items in WoW, check out the Trading Post.

Moreover, spice up your transmog collection and impress your friends.

Continue reading to learn everything about the Trading Post and what items are available for early March 2024 in WoW.

Trading Post In World Of Warcraft

The Trading Post is a new feature in World of Warcraft.

It allows players to obtain cosmetics such as transmogs, pets, and mounts.

However, they must complete monthly activities and earn a special currency called Trader’s Tender.

Trading post
Obtain unique items in Trading post

Generally, the Trading Post has two locations: Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

In these locations, players can see the month’s new items on display and purchase them from the traders.

The Trading Post offers a variety of items from different sources and themes and updates its inventory every month. 

However, to earn Trader’s Tender, log in monthly, collect the Cache (500), and do the Log activities (500).

The Traveler’s Log features a rotating set of themed activities that can be completed in different zones and modes of the game.

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New Items For Early March 2024 In WOW

The new items for March 2024 at the Trading Post in WoW are as follow:

1. Aura Duck Pet

It is an adorable duck companion you can obtain by completing the monthly Traveler’s Log.

Likely, this pet will be the monthly reward, as previous rewards have placeholder amounts of 999 tokens.

2. Savage Blue Battle Turtle Mount

It is a coveted turtle mount that you can purchase for 500 Trader’s Tender.

This mount has cannons on its shell and is a blue variant of the Savage Green Battle Turtle that was available in May 2023.

3. Majestic Azure Peafowl

It is a luminous blue peafowl mount that will be obtainable from the Trading Post in the upcoming month.

Generally, this mount is characterized by its stunning colors and plumage.

4. Skyborn Blades

It is a collection of transmog items based on the Quel’Serrar Skyborn Blades, legendary weapons forged by the dragons.

However, you can collect the appearances of these blades by purchasing the Arsenal: Skyborn Blades item for 300 Trader’s Tender.

Trading post wow
Trading post offers you various items for character customization.

Trial of Style Event In World Of Warcraft

The Trial of Style is a fun event in World of Warcraft.

Significantly, in this event, players can customize their characters to suit a given theme and compete for the best look.

The Trial of Style runs from March 20 to 24, and participants can earn tokens based on the votes received.

Moreover, players can use these tokens to purchase a variety of unique cosmetic rewards, such as outfits and retro weapons.

Some rewards are exclusive to the Trial of Style and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Contrarily, the Trial of Style is a great opportunity to show off your transmog skills.

Moreover, earn some extra Trader’s Tender to spend at the Trading Post.

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