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Alan Wake 2 Out In The Night: Find The Mystery

Alan Wake 2 is a sequel to the psychological thriller game Alan Wake, developed by Remedy Entertainment.

The game follows the adventures of Alan Wake, a best-selling novelist who suffers from writer’s block and nightmares.

Out in the Night is related to the Late Night talk show that Alan has to appear on in Alan Wake 2, called In Between with Mr. Door. There, he will learn the mystery he has forgotten, which was writing a book called Initiation to help him escape the Dark Place.

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Who Is Alan Wake?

Alan Wake is a famous writer who has been missing for over a decade.

In Alan Wake 2, Alan has found a way to escape the Dark Place by writing himself into a new story.

He has created a fictional alter ego named Alex Casey, a hard-boiled detective who stars in his TV show.

Alan uses Alex Casey as a cover to communicate with the natural world and find clues to his situation.

However, Alan’s plan is not without risks: he has to deal with the consequences of his writing, such as enemies, dangers, and paradoxes.

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What Is The Mystery Behind Out In The Night In Alan Wake 2?

Out in the Night is a mystery behind the Late Night talk show that Alan has to appear on in Alan Wake 2.

Furthermore, Sam Lake is also invited to the show, a famous comedian and actor who is also a fan of Alan’s work.

Alan meets Sam Lake in the show
Alan meets Sam Lake in the show.

Sam Lake also plays the character of Casey from his book Initiation.

The Late Night show

The Late Night show “In Between with Mr. Door” in Alan Wake 2 is one of the most important and exciting parts of the game.

It is where Alan has to face his biggest challenge yet: exposing himself to the public eye and unveiling secrets.

The show is also where Alan has to confront himself and find out the truth behind these mysteries.

Late Night talk show
Late Night talk show in Alan Wake 2.

The show is divided into several segments, such as:

The monologue: The interviewer starts the show with a humorous monologue that mocks Alan and his situation.

The interview: The interviewer asks Alan about his life, work, and disappearance.

Some of the questions are friendly, and some are provocative.

The Play: Sam Lake plays the role of Casey in the movie “Murder Case Casey” from his story, where they show a movie clip.

The surprise: The clip reveals some mystery about finding the missing writer and gives some clues that make Alan surprised as to what it was.

The show is not only a test for Alan but also an opportunity for him.

He can use the show as a platform to tell his story and find clues about these mysteries.


The main objective of the show is to get some clues and find the mystery behind it.

As the clip ends, Alan tries to question it, but the scene changes and gets dark in the show, where he is alone.

However, the first objective is to get out of the show, and you need to find the map.

To find the exit, you need to talk to the Janitor, which you can find inside the Janitor’s office.

Talk to Janitor about the exit
Talk to the Janitor about the exit.

Furthermore, talk to him about the exit, and he will give you the key to the basement.

Afterward, you can find the map by returning to the writer’s room.

Go to the basement and find the tool the Janitor talked about using to find the exit.

Find the tool in the basement
Find the tool in the basement.

Once you find the exit door, you will see a room with a TV playing a recording of himself writing about a story.

Furthermore, it shows that he was writing the story to fight and remind himself of who he is.

Find the mysterious room
Find the mysterious room.

Alan is surprised at what he is watching, and the chapter ends as he watches through the recording of himself.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Alan Wake 2 Out in the Night is a thrilling game that combines action, horror, and mystery.

Furthermore, it is a game that explores the power of storytelling, the nature of reality, and the role of creativity.

Similarly, it is a game that challenges players to find their way out of the Night and into the light.

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