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Access Point Of Interest In Alan Wake 2: How To Obtain It?

In Alan Wake 2, Point of interest acts as areas that allow the players to gain various rewards and progress the story.

Furthermore, the point of interest will show up randomly or through an NPC.

Point of interest in Alan Wake 2 is obtainable through a character that players will meet in Dark Place. This character provides the players with their first point of interest and, later on, will show up in various areas to provide more point of interest areas.

This article discusses the point of interest and how to obtain it in Alan Wake 2.

What Is The Point Of Interest In Alan Wake 2?

Point of interest is a marking on the map that players can see. These areas typically contain various stashes or supply boxes.

Furthermore, in some instances, they may even contain items that will progress the story.

However, the markings for the point of interest can vary at times.

Sometimes players can notice it having a question mark or a simple circle on the map.

Typically, when players see the point of interest, they may not pay much attention to them.

However, if the players pay enough attention, they will notice that these areas typically correlate to the story or cult stashes.

point of interest marks alan wake 2
Point of interest marks areas in your map.

If the point of interest is on a stash, players can assume that the location will contain the method to open the stash nearby.

This is mainly useful if the players are pretty new to the game and want to progress through the story quickly.

Thus, players, new and veteran, must pay great attention to the point of interest while progressing through the story.

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How To Obtain A Point Of Interest In Alan Wake 2?

Obtaining the Point of interest in Alan Wake 2 is relatively easy.

However, while it is easy to obtain the Point of interest, players must also get a bit lucky.

This is because the first time players will get a point of interest is when they enter a Dark Place.

The Dark Place is a rendition of New York City, after they enter the area, they will meet a character mapping the location.

If you interact with the character, they can mark your map with point of interest.

This is the method to obtain your first Point of interest. Furthermore, you will meet similar characters later on in the game.

point of interest character location alan wake 2
Meet the character that provides a point of interest in Dark Place.

These characters will typically mark your map with the point of interest.

However, in some instances, the point of interest can come up independently.

Thus, as players progress through the story, the game will stop hand-holding the player and allow them to explore the world.

Point of interest is quite useful when players play as Alan since players do not have a detailed map.

Thus, markings on the map can be rewarding and help the players have an easier time understanding and enjoying the game’s story. 

The Bottom Line

Point of interest is a great way to direct players to areas that can be rewarding and even progress the story further.

Furthermore, these areas will allow the players to understand the game more and even learn about various mechanics in some instances.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Point of interest in Alan Wake 2.

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