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Does Biggoron Sword Break In BotW (Breath Of The Wild)?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-packed role-playing game (RPG).

Breath of the Wild is the predecessor to the current iteration of the Zelda franchise, the Tears of the Kingdom.

In Breath Of the Wild, the Biggoron Sword is an Amiibo Item. However, the Sword can break after it loses all its durability in BotW. Moreover, previously, the Sword did not break in Ocarina of Time. However, you can reobtain the Biggoron Sword.

Continue reading to learn how the Sword breaks in BotW and how you can reobtain the Sword.

Does Biggoron Sword Break In BoTW?

The Biggoron Sword is legendary and was first introduced in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Biggoron crafts the Sword, a sturdier version of Giant’s Knife.

Additionally, Biggoron Sword is one of the only two sharp Swords obtainable by the players through Biggoron.

Moreover, the Biggoron Sword is two-handed, meaning players cannot wield a shield with the Sword.

 Moreover, in Breath of the Wild, the Biggorons Sword boasts a massive base attack of 50 and a durability of 60. 

However, the Biggoron Sword can break in BotW after it loses all its durability.

The durability loss is exponentially higher when going against boss-type monsters. 

Moreover, you cannot repair the Sword in Breath of the Wild. Additionally, you cannot repair any weapons in Breath of the Wild. 

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Reobtain Biggoron Sword After It Breaks In BotW

Unfortunately, Biggoron’s Sword is obtainable only through Amiibo in Breath of the Wild, unlike its successor, The Tears of the Kingdom. 

The Amiibo players must scan the Link from Zelda: The 30th Anniversary.

Link-30th Anniversary Amiibo For Biggoron Sword
Link-30th Anniversary Amiibo For Biggoron Sword

Moreover, the players need to fulfill a pre-requisite before having the chance to drop the Sword from scanning the Amiibo.

The pre-requisite the players need to fulfill is to free one of the Divine Beasts in the game.

Here is a list of the divine beasts the players can free; 

  • Vah Ruta
  • Vah Medoh
  • Vah Rudaina
  • Vah Naboris

Once the player fulfills one of the pre-requisite, the player can obtain the Biggoron Sword from the Amiibo.

However, the chance of the Sword dropping from the Amiibo chest. 

As mentioned before, it is not repairable once the Sword loses its durability.

Thus, you must roll on the Amiibo chest once more to obtain the Biggoron Sword. 

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How To Scan The Amiibo To Obtain The Biggoron Sword?

Amiibo is obtainable by purchasing them from the Nintendo store or through other online platforms.

The Amiibo are figurines of the characters from previous Zelda IP or other games. 

Additionally, the Amiibo contains a frequency that the players can scan and obtain a chest that rewards the players with various goodies.

However, some rewards within the chest have a lower drop rate than other items. 

Here is a quick step guide to scanning the Amiibo; 

  1. When in-game Go to settings.
  2. Go to Options.
  3. You can see the Amiibo setting on the top, which says Use Amiibo.
  4. Select Amiibo Option from Quick Select
  5. Touch the desired Amiibo on the game, and the rewards should fall from the sky. 

The Bottom Line

The Biggoron Sword is an excellent weapon in the Zelda franchise, more so in the Breath of the Wild than in Tears of the Kingdom.

However, the drawback is that the weapon is not repairable, and if it breaks, you will need to scan an Amiibo.

Moreover, the Sword is not a guaranteed drop. Thus, the Biggoron Sword’s great stats might not be as desirable as in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Hopefully, this article is helpful and can provide information on obtaining the Biggoron Sword in Breath of the Wild. 

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