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Decoding Prisoner Rescue Battle Log In Armored Core 6

Embarking on the battlefield of Armored Core 6, a particular mission stands out, Prisoner Rescue.

The Prisoner Rescue mission is a part of the game where you must rescue POWs and keep the rescue aircraft safe.

Players can uncover the mysteries of the Prisoner Rescue Battle Log in Armored Core 6 by embarking on the mission to save prisoners and protect aircraft, players can unlock this valuable record, adding a new dimension to their gaming journey.

Join us in decoding the secrets of the Prisoner Rescue Battle Log in Armored Core 6.

What Is Prisoner Rescue Battle Log In Armored Core 6?

The Prisoner Rescue Battle Log in Armored Core 6 is a piece of information or record that you can find while playing the game.

It’s a special note that you collect during a specific mission where you have to save prisoners of war (POWs) and protect the rescuing aircraft.

This Battle Log is important for completionists who want to gather all the different notes in the game.

Finding this Battle Log during the mission is like discovering a hidden bonus.

It’s located within the game’s New Game++ mode, which you’ll encounter on your third playthrough.

These Battle Logs add more depth to the game’s story, and completing them can lead to a special ending.

You can keep track of your progress in collecting Battle Logs in the game’s Mission Select section.

prisoner rescue mission
Prisoner Rescue Battle Log in Armored Core 6.

How Do I Access The New Game++ Mode In Armored Core 6?

Here’s a simple guide on how to access New Game++ mode in Armored Core 6:

  1. Finish the game two times by reaching the end credits in your regular playthroughs.
  2. Ensure you’ve seen the credits after completing the final mission twice.
  3. Begin a new playthrough, marking your third time playing the game.
  4. Opt for New Game++ mode when starting your third playthrough which introduces new content and challenges.
  5. Experience new missions, story elements, and challenges in New Game++ mode for deeper exploration and hidden content in Armored Core 6.
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How To Find Prisoner Rescue Battle Log In Armored Core 6?

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to find the Prisoner Rescue Battle Log.

1. Play New Game++ Mode

Start your third playthrough of the game, known as New Game++ mode.

This is essential to access the specific mission.

battle log in armored core 6
Replaying the mission to access New Mode++ for mission 9.

2. Access Mission Select

Inside the Garage section, navigate to Sortie and then choose Replay Mission.

This is where you can monitor your progress.

3. Identify The Battle Log Icon

Look for a special icon attached to missions in Mission Select.

Furthermore, if you see this icon, it means there’s a Battle Log waiting to be found in that mission.

4. Mission 9 – Prisoner Rescue

Focus on Mission 9, which is called Prisoner Rescue.

Likewise, this is the mission where you’ll find the specific Battle Log you want.

5. Defeat DEEP DOWN / G2 Nile

During Mission 9, face a challenging enemy, DEEP DOWN / G2 Nile.

Also. defeat this enemy within the mission.

6. Collect The Battle Log

When you successfully defeat DEEP DOWN / G2 Nile, it will drop the Armored Core 6 Prisoner Rescue Battle Log.

Moreover, this Battle Log will automatically be added to your collection.

7. Complete The Mission

Finish the entire mission after collecting the Battle Log.

Likewise, doing so will reward you with more points on your battle log menu.

completion of the mission
Completion of the entire mission after collecting the Battle Log.

What Is The Purpose Of Collecting The Prisoner Rescue Battle Log?

Here’s a clear explanation of the purpose behind collecting Prisoner Rescue Battle Logs in Armored Core 6:

1. Tracking Accomplishments

Collecting Prisoner Rescue Battle Logs serves as a way to track your accomplishments and progress within the game.

Each Battle Log you collect here represents a specific achievement or milestone in your journey.

2. Completing The Story

The Battle Logs are often tied to completing specific missions or challenges within the game.

Collecting these logs means marking your completion of significant in-game events, like the Prisoner Rescue mission.

3. Unveiling Hidden Content

Battle Logs often lead to hidden content in many games, including Armored Core 6.

Moreover, collecting Battle Logs can unlock story elements, secrets, and alternate endings, enhancing the gaming experience.

4. Achievement And Completionist Goals

Collecting all Battle Logs, including Prisoner Rescue, is a rewarding challenge for avid explorers.

Furthermore, it’s a way to achieve completionist goals and earn in-game achievements.

5. Deepening Lore And Storyline

Battle Logs often contain extra information, backstory, or lore that expands the game’s narrative.

Enrich your experience by revealing character details, world insights, plot intricacies, side stories, and decision-making guidance.

The Bottom Line

The Prisoner Rescue Battle Log in Armored Core 6 offers a deeper understanding of the game’s story and characters.

Collecting these logs adds to your accomplishments and can reveal hidden content, making your gaming experience richer and more rewarding.

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