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Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log In Armored Core 6: How To Obtain It?

Armored Core 6 is a mech action video game that is newly released to different platforms.

Tunnel Sabotage is one of the significant missions of Chapter 3 in Armored Core 6.

There are many combat/battle logs throughout the chapters of the game.

To obtain the Battle Log of Tunnel Sabotage in Armored Core 6, the player must complete mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage, which involves destroying a series of transport helicopters and enemy units in an underground facility.

This article explores the details of Tunnel Sabotage, its battle log and many more in Armored Core 6.

What Is Tunnel Sabotage In Armored Core 6?

Tunnel Sabotage is one of the main missions of Chapter 3 in Armored Core 6.

The mission’s main objective is to destroy the old device at the facility’s center and escape the underground tunnel.

To complete the objective, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go down to the facility and use the rocks for landing.
  2. The facility, although abandoned, is being guarded by mechs.
  3. Defeat all the mechs and then go up to the chasm.
  4. When you reach the objective, you’ll find the target.
  5. Now, enter the Shield and then destroy the old device.
  6. After destroying the device, you’ll quickly need to space the facility.
  7. For that, use the tunnel and your Assault Boost.
  8. Your mission will be finished when you return to the open air.

Tunnel Sabotage is not only the main mission but also provides rewards for its completion.

After completing the Tunnel Sabotage mission, you will receive a 130,000 COAM.

Battle Log Of Tunnel Sabotage

Battle Logs are gained by defeating enemies and completing the mission’s objectives.

These logs also help you to earn Loghunt points.

The battle log of the Tunnel Sabotage mission is related to completing the mission’s objectives in the same way as explained above.

Additionally, the battle logs contain a rating based on the difficulty of obtaining those logs.

Furthermore, the battle logs are gold, silver and bronze rankings in Armored Core 6.

Tunnel Sabotage has a bronze-rated battle log, which means it is relatively easy to gain the log.

Here’s a detailed breakdown to obtain the Tunnel Sabotage battle log.

  1. Go to the facility, as mentioned before, to complete the mission.
  2. Destroy the mechs guarding the area to be able to complete your mission.
  3. During your mission, you’ll be narrated that “PCA ground forces are heading your way earlier than planned.”
Armored Core 6 Tunnel Sabotage Battle Log
The LC attacking with lasers must be defeated to get the battle log.
  1. As soon as you get the message, go left into the room with enemy ACs.
  2. A large LC shoots lasers at your mech from an upper beam.
  3. Keep calm and defeat the LC. Defeating the LC will provide you with the Bronze Battle Log.

Additionally, here are some tips for defeating the LC:

  1. Use high-powered weapons such as cannons and missiles.
  2. Stay behind the laser and attack its weak points.
  3. Use your mobility to avoid laser attacks.
  4. Bring along support ACs to defeat the laser.

With a bit of practice, you should be able to defeat the laser and obtain the battle log.

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Other Battle Logs Of Chapter 3

There are seven other battle logs in chapter 3 of Armored Core 6.

Here’s a summary of those battle logs:

1. Steal The Survey Data

Stealing the survey data is the 15th mission of Chapter 3.

You’ll receive a silver battle log when you complete the mission.

Moreover, after destroying the first group at the start of the mission, defeat the Heavy armor unit in the nest part to receive the combat log.

2. Attack The Refueling Base

Attack the refueling base is the 16th mission which provides two bronze battle logs.

Likewise, defeat the enemies firing lasers at you under the bridge and on another thinner bridge.

3. Eliminate V.VII

The eliminate V.VII is the 17th mission which provides one silver and two gold battle logs.

Defeat the Tetrapod on the ground to get the silver log and defeat the V.VII Swinburne and A Rokmonsen to get two gold logs.

4. Survey The Uninhabited Floating City

This mission is the 19th mission of the chapter and helps to gain a silver log.

Now, defeat the large eye turret on ground level to get the log.

5. Attack The Old Spaceport

Attack the old spaceport is the 23rd mission which gives two silver logs.

The shielded enemy and two LCs near the fuel tanks have the two silver logs.

6. Eliminate Honesty Brute

The 24th mission, eliminate honesty brute, provides three bronze, one silver and one platinum log.

7. Defend The Old Spaceport

The Defend the Old Spaceport provides a platinum log aster defeating the mission’s main target, Raven.

The Bottom Line

Battle logs in Armored Core 6 are obtained by defeating enemies and completing the mission’s main objectives.

Tunnel Sabotage is the main mission of Chapter 3 which provides a bronze battle log.

Furthermore, you should defeat the LC that shoots lasers during the mission to complete the battle log.

The mission and the battle log are comparatively easy to obtain so play along and collect all the battle logs.

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