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How To Defeat ALLMIND In Armored Core 6?

ALLMIND is the endgame boss of New Game++ in Armored Core 6. The boss features a wide array of movesets similar to the players. 

ALLMIND is an endgame boss that players can face in the final act of Armored Core 6. The endgame boss sports a variety of moves that are similar to the player’s moves, and it learns as the game goes on.

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Who Is ALLMIND In Armored Core 6?

ALLMIND is an endgame boss in Armored Core 6. However, players will not meet the mech during their first playthrough.

Players will come across ALLMIND in New game++, which means players must complete the game thrice before meeting ALLMIND.

Furthermore, players will also notice during the New game++ playthrough that there are vast changes to the missions they receive.

This is because ALLMIND is constantly learning through the events faced by players.

Furthermore, ALLMIND will even change the missions to help the enemy rather than our allies.

Additionally, it will send missions directly after players reach the end of Chapter 3.

This will further show the intelligence and power of ALLMIND in the game.

The learning process starts after players unlock the Analysis encounters in the Arena. ALLMIND learns about the moveset and all other information from your tests in the Arena.

Thus making him one of the strongest endgame bosses in Armored Core 6.

Moreover, in Chapter 5, players will get a completely new mission from ALLMIND. Instead of the “Escape” mission, players will obtain the MIA mission.

Thus, in New Game++, you cannot be sure what your mission will be based on previous playthroughs because ALLMIND constantly changes your missions.

Thus, in New Game++, players must be vigilant and read the directions for every mission that they receive.

Additionally, players will notice that the voice for ALLMIND is very similar to the voice of their operator.

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Tips To Defeat Allmind In Armored Core 6

There are no specific ways to defeat ALLMIND. However, a few tips can help you go up against him better.

Here are a few tips that we can provide to players;

  • Players can choose generators to boost their thruster speed and use rifles that can deal massive damage in short bursts.
  • Furthermore, players can choose mech parts that give Coral damage to the attacks, increasing the damage dealt by a substantial amount.

Players will meet ALLMIND during the “Coral Release” mission; this mission happens right after players complete the “Regain Control of the Xylem” mission.

Furthermore, to defeat ALLMIND, players must go through different phases. 

Phases To ALLMIND Battle In Armored Core 6

The boss fight with ALLMIND consists of two phases.

1. The First Phase

Players must defeat many adds around ALLMIND in the first phase before going for ALLMIND himself.

Furthermore, during this phase, players will notice having multiple voices talking to each other inside their mech.

They must be vigilant about the multiple beams that ALLMIND shoots out randomly during this phase.

The beams can significantly damage the mech, and you may need to re-do the entire boss fight if you die in this phase.

In this phase, Ayre also provides significant support to the players.

However, players must deplete the break bar of ALLMIND and damage him as much as possible during his downtime.

Defeat adds and allmind in phase 1 armored core 6
Defeat the adds in phase 1 to deal damage to ALLMIND in Armored Core 6

After defeating him in the first phase, the screen will blackout, and the second phase will start.

2. The Second Phase

In the second phase, players will only hear ALLMIND’s voices. It will mock them and show envy towards the players.

During the second phase, ALLMIND will not spawn many adds; a few will spawn, but you can take them out quite quickly.

However, the main issue is ALLMIND; his damage ramps up quite hard in this phase.

Thus, players must make sure to dodge the rockets and laser beams that ALLMIND shoots toward them.

Furthermore, players must invest in parts that will allow them to recover their EN meter faster and deal massive damage at once.

However, players must also focus on gaining a good amount of health points since players must be able to take a few hits while dealing damage to ALLMIND.

Dodge beams from ALLMIND in armored core 6
Dodge the beams in phase 2 while dealing damage to ALLMIND in Armored Core 6

After you defeat ALLMIND, you will have completed the New Game++ mode of Armored Core 6.

Furthermore, a new cinematic will play, and the coral release will occur with a black hole.

The black hole will suck everything around it inside and spread the coral all over the universe.

After a brief moment, you and the other mechs will reactivate on a different planet.

Ayre will explain to the players that they are everywhere now.

Thus, after you defeat ALLMIND, New Game++ will end with you and other mechs activating on a new planet.

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The Bottom Line

ALLMIND is one of the strongest endgame bosses in Armored Core 6. However, he is exclusive to New Game++. Thus, players will not meet him from the get-go.

Furthermore, the mech sports quite a lot of similar moves to the player, thus making it even harder for the player to adapt to it at once.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding ALLMIND and defeating him in Armored Core 6.

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