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Azeroth Commerce Authority: A Complete Guide

Players are searching for the Azeroth Commerce Authority in the new Season of Discovery in World Of Warcraft.

There are many cities in WOW, among which Azeroth lies in the continent of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Azeroth Commerce Authority is one of the main important governing bodies in World of Warcraft that looks over the supply routes of the Alliance group.
Continue reading more about the Azeroth Commerce Commission in World of Warcraft.

What Is The Azeroth Commerce Authority?

Azeroth Commerce Authority is a commission in the Azeroth continent of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Moreover, this authority maintains all the supply routes for the Alliance group and other forces in the game.

Furthermore, the Azeroth Commerce Commission previously used to handle the overall trade of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Reputation Levels
Looking at the Reputation Levels.

Similarly, this authority is organized into various types of ranks within the organization, which is associated with reputation.

Additionally, the higher the rank of traders or players, the more will be the level of their reputation.

In the same way, there are a total of 8 ranks in the Azeroth Commerce Commission, which are as follows:

  1. Hated
  2. Hostile
  3. Unfriendly
  4. Neutral
  5. Friendly
  6. Honored
  7. Revered
  8. Exalted

What Is Reputation-Merchant Faction Spell?

Reputation-Merchant Faction is a type of spell in the World of Warcraft specially designed for the merchants.

Similarly, players can use this spell to increase their reputation in the Azeroth Commerce Commission.

Moreover, you can also use this spell to give yourself a reputation in Durotar Supply and Logistics.

Additionally, this spell has an effect value of 451 for the Azeroth Commission and PVP Multiplier of 1.

In the same way, players can get this spell for free in the game, and the cast time for this spell is instant.

Furthermore, players need to use this spell within 5 yards and interact with the Commission in some way.

Finally, the aura of this spell is hidden while casting and using it on others.

Benefits Of High Reputation In ACA

Players can get several benefits if they have a high reputation in the Azeroth Commerce Commission.

Similarly, players can get discounts on the goods and services that are offered to them by ACA.

Furthermore, the money you have to pay for the supply routes decreases if you have a high reputation.

Exalted Reputation
The player is commenting about the Exalted Reputation.

Additionally, a merchant with a Hated reputation level has to pay the total amount of 36000 to ACA.

In the same way, a trader with a Revered reputation level has to pay a total of 21000 to the ACA.

Moreover, with a high reputation, you can unlock various types of unique items in the Azeroth.

How To Increase Your Reputation?

Players seek to increase their reputation as a high reputation gives them several benefits.

Similarly, you can increase your reputation within ACA in the following ways:

  • You need to complete the quests related to ACA to increase your reputation.
  • Players can also participate in World quests associated with ACA.
  • You can use the Reputation-Merchant Faction spell to increase your reputation within ACA.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Azeroth Commerce Authority is the most crucial commission as it handles the supply routes for the Alliance forces.

Moreover, this authority is responsible for maintaining the trade needs and peace between the Alliance and the rest of the world.

Similarly, maintaining a high reputation within the ACA will reward you with various benefits.

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