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Omhe Nru MK1: How To Complete It?

Players are searching for the Omhe Nru in MK1, one of the clues to progress through the Invasion trial.

There are a total of nine clues that players need to find in the latest Omni-Man update of the game.

Omhe Nru is a clue in MK1 that players have to find or solve in the Invasion Mode of Omni-Man update to get various types of special rewards. Players need to kill the opponent using the fatality of your cameo, Darrius, and get rewards like Sindel Skin.

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What Is Omhe Nru In MK1?

Omhe Nru Klue (Home Run) actually a mission in the latest Invasion mode Omni-Man Update of Mortal Kombat 1.

Moreover, you need to complete this mission to progress in the Invasion mode and get special rewards.

Omhe Nru Klue
Starting the Omhe Nru Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

Similarly, players can get rare rewards such as the Sindel skin of Vermillion Queen and Legendary Windbreaker Talisman.

However, you will have to progress through the previous mission SPLISH SPLASH Klue before starting this mission.

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How To Complete Omhe Nru In Mortal Kombat 1?

Players can easily complete the Omhe Nru Klue mission in Mortal Kombat 1 using the Darrius’ Fatality.

Moreover, you can start by going to the start of the Omhe Nru mission and then go to Omni-Man loadout.

Furthermore, you will now have to switch your Kameo character to Darrius and use his fatality move.

Similarly, players will have to go to their move lists and put all their stats in the attacks and fatal for Darrius.

Darrius Fatality
Performing the Darrius Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1.

Additionally, you will now fight in the battle with your opponent and have to decrease their XP until the “Finish Him” message shows up.

In the same way, you must bring Darrius to finish your opponent with his fatality move to complete the mission.

Finally, the gate before you open up, you get a chest with Sindel skin and Windbreaker Talisman as a reward.

All Other Klues In Omni-Man Update

Players have to complete a total of nine missions or Klues to complete the Omni-Man Update Invasion mode.

Similarly, the following are all other Klues of the Omni-Man update in Mortal Kombat 1:

1. Splish Splash Klue

Players have to use the Rain’s Grab brutality to finish off the opponent to complete Splish Splash Klue.

Moreover, you will get rewards like 25 Seasonal Kredits, Sub-Zero Skin, a talisman, a Liu Kang Palette, etc.

2. Yzark Tihstab Klue

You will have to use Nitara’s first fatality to win the match, which will complete the Yzark Tihstab Klue.

Additionally, players will be rewarded with a Lucky Duck relic, a Baraka Palette, etc, for winning.

3. Body Blender Klue

To complete the Body Blender Klue, you have to end the match with Kenshi’s First Fatality (Blended fatality).

Furthermore, rewards like reptile skin, kiss relic, general Shao palette, etc, will be awarded to you.

4. Besos Klue

Players need to use Sonya’s fatality kiss in order to finish the match for Besos Klue in MK1.

Moreover, you will get rewards such as Geras skin, Scorpion’s Rage talisman, etc., after the win.

5. Spicy Ketchup Klue

You will have to perform Sektor’s First Brutality to complete the match in Spicy Ketchup Klue.

Similarly, Kitana skin, Hyper Kritical relic, Shang Tsung palette, etc will be rewarded to you.

6. Eht Gib Gnak Yroeth Klue

Eht Gib Gnak Yroeth requires the player to complete the match with Liu Kang’s First Fatality.

Additionally, you will get mission rewards such as Rain skin, Smack Down relic, etc.

7. Pcam Tombo Klue

The player must use Jax’s Fatality to win the match in Pcam Tombo Klue.

Furthermore, you can find this mission in the TBD location and can access this after completing Eht Gib Gnak Yroeth Klue.

8. Mind Blown Klue

Players can easily complete the Mind Blown Klue using Montaro’s Fatality to win the match.

Moreover, after completing this mission, you get rewards such as Baraka skin, Kracked relic, Ashrah Gear, etc.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players can easily complete the Omhe Nru Klue mission in Mortal Kombat 1 using the above-mentioned techniques.

Moreover, you can also take the reference for completing other Klues in Omni-Man Update and progress faster in the game.

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