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Klue Guide Of Yzark Tihstab In MK1

Yzark Tihstab is among the many Klue of tasks in MK1.

The Klue appears in the latest update: Season of Blood Moon.

The Klue Tzark Tihstab occurs in the Here We Go in the Sun Do Festival in Mortal Kombat 1. Players should use Nitara’s Vaeteranaus komBAT to complete the task.

Continue reading to explore Yzark Tihstab and the solution to the Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

Yzark Tihstab MK1: Overview

Yzark Tihstab is the Klue of the Sun Do Festival, one of the eight map locations in MK1.

The Klue appears in the title: Here We Go in Season 2.

As the current season, Blood Moon, will be centred around Nitara, the Klue solution must have a relation with the fighter.

In the latest season, players can complete various Klue, including Spicy Ketchup, Besos, Body Blender and Ohme Nru.

Players can be involved in invasion mode and complete the Klue solution in various locations while fighting many agents.

Invasion mode mk1
Enter the invasion modes to get rewards.

However, every Klue has a unique moveset, including Fatality or brutality.

Hence, players must initially know the character and the exact move in the battle against the AI opponent.

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Batshit Krazy MK1

The Yzark Tihstab Klue, when reversed, translates to Batshit Krazy.

When Players use the ability, Nitara, a colony of bats, attacks the opponent.

The bat attack will damage the enemy and create a blood flow.

Hence, players can use the Batshit Klue and use Nitara as the fighter in the task.

How To Complete Yzark Tihstab Klue in MK1?

The process to perform and solve the Klue of Yzark Tihstab in Mortal Kombat 1 is as follows;

1. Use Nitara

Nitara is among the many playable characters in Mortal Kombat 1.

Hence,  players should not have any issue using her as the fighter before heading for the Klue solution.

2. Head To Sun Do Festival

The Yzark Tihstab Klue appears in the Sun Do Festival, so players should open the Mao and enter the location.

Players will also see the invasion progress just below the location.

sun do festival map
Enter the Sun Do Festival.

Further, the player should enter the Here We Go invasion task.

3. Begin The Battle

The character Niatara will line up the fight against Armageddon in Here We Go.

In the battle, players should be aware of the opponent’s moves and skills.

After progressing through the fight, players should use the first fatality of Nitara.

Players should perform the Vaeteranaus komBAT after they get a Finish Him prompt.

yzark tihstab mk1
Use the first fatality moveset.

Moreover, Players should use PlayStation’s Down, Down, Back and Square buttons to perform the fatality.

Players should use the Down, Down, Back and X buttons on Xbox.

However, the key binds can differ from players due to the settings and the controller.

Further, after using fatality, Nitara will fly and chokehold the opponent’s neck.

After choking, a bunch of bats will rupture Armageddon’s mouth to send the character to bed finally.

yzark tihstab mk1
Players will get the message after winning using the Fatality move.

After finding the Klue solution, players will get experience points for Fighter and Kameo.

Players can also unlock a separate chest in the Sun Do festival containing relics, costumes and Kredits.

The Bottom Line

The Nitara’s first fatality is the exact moveset of Yzark Tihstab Klue in MK1.

With the new season’s release, players can be involved in similar tasks in different locations and earn exclusive rewards.

For an enhanced gaming experience, players can use the Klue, choose the fighter and perform the Fatality or brutality move themselves.

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