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Escalation Circuit In Remnant 2: How To Get It?

One of the most sought-after items in the Remnant 2 is the Escalation Circuit.

It is a rare crafting material that can be used to create the Shock Bullets weapon mod.

This mod allows you to Fire electrified bullets with bonus damage and stun enemies.

To get the Escalation Circuit in Remnant 2, you must explore the Abyssal Rift area and find a hidden ship containing the item. Additionally, you need to use the Dreamcatcher item on a creature inside the ship to access a secret area where the Escalation Circuit is located.

This article will explore everything about Escalation Circuit and show you how to get it in Remnant 2.

What Is Escalation Circuit In Remnant 2?

The Escalation Circuit is a crafting material in Remnant 2, a post-apocalyptic action RPG(Role-Playing Game) game.

It is used to craft the Shock Bullets weapon mod, which adds electric damage to your shots.

Additionally, it is related to unlocking the Invader class, which is a stealthy and agile fighter that can use portals and teleportation.

The Escalation Circuit is on the Abyssal Rift, a dark and dangerous area full of enemies and secrets.

 You will need to find a hidden door that leads to a ship where the Escalation Circuit is located.

How To Get Escalation Circuit In Remnant 2?

Here are the steps to get Escalation Circuit in Remnant 2.

  1. First, explore the map in the Abyssal Rift area until you find a large ship with a blue glow.
go to abyssal rift area
Go to the Abyssal Rift area and explore the map.
  1. Then, enter the ship and look for the Escalation Protocol Amulet. You can use the Dreamcatcher on the creature holding the amulet to obtain the Walker’s Dream item.
enter the ship to get escalation circuit
Enter the ship to get Escalation Protocol Amulet.
  1. Use Walker’s Dream to enter the Twilight Realm, where you will find a hidden boss called Obryk.
  2. Now, defeat Obryk and loot his corpse to get the Escalation Circuit crafting material.
Defeat obryk loot corpse
Defeat Obryk and loot the corpse to get Escalation Circuit.

Finally, return to the base and talk to the lady who can craft weapon mods.

She will offer you the Shock Bullets mod in exchange for the Escalation Circuit.

Alternatively, you can also use the Dreamcatcher item to enter the Twilight.

It is a mysterious dimension where you can find another Escalation Circuit on a different ship.

However, this method requires you to have the Walker’s Dream item.

Moreover, you can get by using the Dreamcatcher on a creature holding the Escalation Protocol Amulet.

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Tips And Tricks For Using The Escalation Circuit

Here are some of the tips and tricks for using the Escalation Circuit.

  • You can save it for later in the game when you encounter more enemies that are weak to shock damage, such as the Cultists and the Machines.
  • You can combine it with mods that enhance shock damage, such as the Static Field or the Lightning Rod.
  • You can use it with weapons with a high Fire rate or a large magazine size, such as Submachine Guns or Assault Rifles. It helps to maximize the number of bullets you can Fire with the mod active.
  • Be careful not to hit friendly NPCs or environmental objects with your shock bullets, as they can also be affected by the stun effect.

The Bottom Line

The Escalation Circuit is a valuable crafting material to help you enhance your combat abilities in Remnant 2.

By following the steps we outlined in this article, you can obtain the Escalation Circuit.

Additionally, you can use it to craft the Shock Bullets weapon mod.

This mod will let you Fire electrified bullets with bonus damage and stun enemies.

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