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How To Use Remote In Lethal Company?

Lethal Company offers various items, including Shovel, Flashlights and Remote.

The items can come in handy while searching for scrap across space or fighting against potent creatures.

Remote helps manage the ship lights and disable/stun Sentry and Landmines in Lethal Company. Players can get the item from extracting scrap or ship store.

Continue reading to explore Remote’s location and its uses in Lethal Company.

What Is Lethal Company Remote?

Remote is among the most essential items in Lethal Company to explore various moons and planets.

Players can get the item when extracting the planet’s facilities by tackling monsters.

Moreover, players can use the item to progress, survive on difficult planets and search for even more scrap.

lethal company items
Use the remote to collect more scrap items.

Thankfully, the Remote does not take up any space and can be carried simultaneously in any of the four inventory slots.

Items with no weight value ensure the player’s stamina and jump capability will not be affected.

Players can buy the remote for at least 20 credits and a max of 45 credits.

Moreover, players can save loads of electricity as the remote does not consume a single Ohm on usage.

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Uses Of Remote In Lethal Company

Here are the best ways to use Remote in Lethal Company

1. On And Off

Almost all of the remotes found in the game have an on and off button to manage the lights on their Ship.

remote lethal company
Control the ship lights using the remote.

However, the ship must be active, or the button won’t work. 

For a fun experience, players can also use the button alternately to annoy their friends on the ship.

2. Open Doors

While exploring different moons and planets, players may come across locked doors in the facilities.

Players can use the rare Remote control to unlock some of the doors.

3. Disable Traps

Players can also use the remote to stun or disable turrets(Sentry Gun) in Lethal Company.

Moreover, it is also helpful to destroy Landmines upon activation.

How To Get Remote In Lethal Company?

Here are the few ways to get Remote in Lethal Company;

1. Extraction

One of the methods to get the Remote is collecting Scrap from various Moons, including, Vow, Assurance, March and Offense.

Players will likely find items including a Remote, Walkie Talkie and shovels in the early game.

2. Buying From Store

Players can use the Ship’s computer terminal to see a list of moons, storage, bestiary, and even store.

Moreover, players can buy the item by selling the scrap items to the Company.

If players provide a prompt: Store in the computer, the system will show a list of items with the prices.

Players can provide the item command and the numbers on the side to get the item.

Lethal company store
Enter the name of the item and the quantity.

Unfortunately, players cannot get the Remote in all ship terminals.

The Bottom Line

The Remote is one of the primary items on par with a shovel, walkie talkie and flashlight.

Moreover, unlike other items in the game, the Remote does not consume a single space or electricity.

The best way to get the item is through extraction, as it is unavailable in all ship terminals.

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