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Scripting Mods For Blade And Sorcery: Nomad

Players can install the Scripting Mods once they have Blade and Sorcery Nomad Scripting Beta.

The Scripting mods introduce new accessories and experiences for the players.

Blade and Sorcery Nomad has several Mods for players, such as Always Telekinesis, Auto Load Cheat, Better AI, Heartbreaker and Seeking Arrow. These mods have unique features that players can use to attack on the enemies.

Continue reading to learn more about scripting mods, best scripted mods and how to get them in Blade and Sorcery Nomad.

What Are Scripting Mods In Blade And Sorcery Nomad?

Scripting is done to create mods in the game because it was impossible to create a custom mode and inject it into it.

Further, the scripting mods introduced by the developers in Blade and Sorcery Nomad make it easy for players to enjoy various mods.

It allows players to easily get the Mods from the Mods manager rather than relying on the PCVR.

Scripting mods in Blade and Sorcery Nomad
There are various Scripting Mods in Blade and Sorcery Nomad.

The scripting mods have multiple mods with new strategies and weapons to kill the enemies.

Players can choose the mod they like according to their gameplay style.

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How To Install Scripting Beta In Blade and Sorcery Nomad?

Players must first install the Scripting Beta to access all the Scripted Mods in Blade and Sorcery Nomad

It is a simple and straightforward process with a few steps given below.

The first step is to go to the Meta Quest App and Scroll down to find My Library.

Selecting my library
My library includes all the games you’ve downloaded.

Once inside the library, search for the game Blade and Sorcery Nomad. Select the game and scroll all the way down to version.

The version by default is 0.12.3, but you can change it from the dropdown menu.

Installing Scripting Mod in Blade and Sorcery Nomad
Changing the version to Scripting Mod in Blade and Sorcery Nomad.

When you change the version and reopen the Quest app, it’ll show a pending update.

Further, this will update the game to Blade and Sorcery Nomad Scripting Beta.

This allows players to play all the scripted mods that are unavailable without this update and wouldn’t load.

However, the mods may still be buggy or crashy as they are still in their beta version.

Top 3 Scripted Mods In Blade And Sorcery Nomad

The top three scripted mods with unique features in the game are listed below:

1. Always Telekinesis

In the Always Telekinesis mod, players can use telekinesis on any enemy they want, even without a Gravity spell.

The telekinesis power allows players to lift any object or enemies and move them around effortlessly. 

2. Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker mod is one of the awaited mods in Blade and Sorcery Nomad that players were excited about.

It requires players always to have the spell activated in their hand. Then, punching through the enemy’s chest allows players to grab hold of their hearts.

Heartbreaker mod in Blade and Sorcery Nomad
Players can rip out an enemy’s heart to kill them in the Heartbreaker mod.

The heart can then be easily ripped out, instantly killing the enemy.

3. Seeking Arrow

Seeking Arrow mod is an Aimbot for the bow and arrow to kill enemies instantly.

Additionally, the Aimbot allows you to fire the arrow, and it’ll automatically guide straight into their head.

Players have access to infinite arrows when using a bow to defeat enemies.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can now enjoy various mods in Blade and Sorcery Nomad in its beta version.

You can only download the mods that say scripting after you have scripting mod in the game.

Further, these mods can be used to elevate your gameplay experience.

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